Ethan's Age

The Life List

Get Married- Done, August 8, 2008
Start a Family- Done, December 16, 2011
Make Ice Cream with Ethan
Make Cookies with Ethan
Finger Paint with Ethan
Have a weekend long pajama party

Write a Book
Get My Masters Degree
Get My CDA

Run a 5K- Done, October 2010
Run a Half Marathon
Run a Marathon
Run Multiple Marathons
Do a Crazy 5K (Like a Mud Run, etc)
Run a 10 Minute Mile
Weigh Less Than 140 Pounds
Rock Climb on Real Rock
Climb Mt. Hood
Get on the Bone Marrow Registry

Cruise in the Caribbean 
Go to New Zealand
Take a Family Trip to Disneyland
Take a Family Trip to the Lake
Go to Hawaii

Own a Sewing Machine
...and Learn How to Use it
Make a quilt with family photos as the panels
Make my own clothes
Learn How to Make Cupcakes with Pretty Frosting on Top
Learn to Play Piano

"Let's Go Crazy"
Go Skydiving
Go to a Taping of the Price is Right
Try out for Wheel of Fortune with my mom
Completely Unplug from TV and the Internet for a Week (By choice, not because there isn't any)
Read at least one book every month for a year
Spend the night in a Tree House
Go on a Vision Quest

Buy a House- Done, August 2011
Buy an awesome Camera

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