Ethan's Age

House Projects/Wish List

- Create a storage system in the closet
- Create wooden letters from Michaels and paint them for the door or wall.
- DIY Baby Blanket?
- DIY Pack and Play Sheet?

Organizational Tools
-Household Forms

-Plant Markers (when needed/if eventually I have a garden)
-Window boxes
- Purchase soft moss-like plants for the backyard that can be walked on (Found these at Home Depot, need to buy/plant them)

- Purchase and organize large plastic bins that are labeled.  Put x-mas items in these boxes and store them.
- Install deadbolt to the internal garage door

- Something for the upper loft area to display.  Not sure what that will be?  Is there an outlet up there?
- New pillow cases/sheets/comforters

Great Room
- Find/Refurbish a DVD storage device

- Hook up record player to the sound system?
- Purchase speakers for sound system?
- Find/Refurbish a Hutch for the area between living room/kitchen
- Find neat way to display pasta/etc on the counter that is Dog Proof
- Create a light curtain backdrop to the pantry door so it doesn't show food when lit, but can function like a night light?

- Faucet Extension for Kids
- Get rid of the UGLY wall paper (instructions on the DIY network link)

Entry Way
- Fix the front door so you can't see through the glass into the house
- Install the one handed gate
- Find a nice fake plant or two for the sitting area
- Find/Refurbish a shoe rack?

-Haiku Cubes

Kid Specific
-Bathtub Crayons

 DIY Network
46 meals in 4 hours