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* A New Chapter Is Written
* Welcome to Toddler Town- A letter to the In-Laws (Second Edition)
* Welcome to Toddler Town- A letter to the In-Laws
* Bringing Ethan Full Circle- Back to the RE Office
* Formula Moms are not the Devil
* Ethan's Birth Story
* Julia is suddenly Superfertile!
* Driving Around A CRV of Infertility.
* Pregnancy and Miscarriage hits within two weeks.
* A Fred Meyer grocery checker dares to comment on my recent purchases.
* A post where the two worlds, Blog World Julia and Real Life Julia meet, and it creates some unsure people!
* The ugly part of infertility rears it's ugly head --> Jealousy
* The post where I analyze how my estranged father and I will relate if I have a baby. Check out the comments, as it created some controversy, leading to this post where I battle whether or not to lock down the blog.
* Yes, but do I take my socks off? Do you chat with the Dr during an Internal Ultrasound? Need I say more?
* My husband makes a rare appearance on the blog!
* Low sperm motility... equals divorce?
* Those people who ask... a bit too much.
* The post where I talk about something very personal, and dear to my heart.

I hope that helps you get up to speed about all things Julia! Welcome again!!

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