Ethan's Age

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Welcome to Toddler Town, Population... you!

My lovely in-laws, for reasons still a mystery to me, offer to take Ethan for a weekend every couple of months.  This is SO glorious to me, as it really is the only time I feel really "off duty."  (Side note: Jon doesn't feel the same, he mopes about all weekend "bored.")

Every time these totally nutso people sign up for yet ANOTHER weekend, I write up a little informational email, similar to the State of the Union Address... to tell them what they are committing to.  I also tend to email them close enough to the weekend that they can't read the email and back out in horror.

I thought I'd let you all see what I wrote this month.

Chris and Steve,
Hey guys!  Just a quick email to refresh your thoughts about Ethan's routine.
He is about the same as last time, but with more food pickiness and attitude.  And awesomeness.  AND TODDLERNESSSSSS!

General routine:
Wakes around 9-10
Nap 3/3.5 hours after waking
Dinner around 530.
Yo Gabba Gabba
Bed around 7:30

Ethan is a riddle.  He sometimes loves to eat certain foods, then hates them.  So, your guess is as good as mine.
Our go-to's are:
-Breakfast: (Milk in a sippy cup) waffles, fruit, he SOMETIMES will eat oatmeal, but you have to lead with that.  He'll eat like 5 bites then be done. He usually will eat 1-2 waffles though... so that's something at least.

-Snacks: (Juice/Water mix in a sippy cup) yogurt, crackers, goldfish, bread with jam, fruit, applesauce, hot dog, nutragrain bars, insert anything here.  Again, he's random.  HE LOVES GRAHAM CRACKERS.  This is always a win.

-Dinner: (Milk in a sippy cup) Chicken nuggets, meatballs, fruit, yogurt, fish sticks, etc. If it's green, he won't eat it.
Period. He will look at you in total and utter shock that you even suggested the idea.
- Bottle of left over milk/or juice with Yo Gabba Gabba.

He signs "all-done" with reckless abandon, and 9 times out of 10 he doesn't mean it.  Reasons he might be signing all done on a pie chart:
- He's all done:  10 %
- He's all done with that food: 20 %
- His mouth is full: 30 %
- He's finished for 5 seconds while you put away the food and get another, but he really wanted that original food and is on the verge of freaking out because it's now put away and you are offering a lesser food in exchange: 30%

Try not to worry if he's gotten enough food.  There have been days where I thought he was going to try out for survivor and was just practicing for the lack of food.  He tends to average out.  I offer him stuff until I get annoyed, or until I run out of options.  (Or tupperware. OR SANITY.)

Lately his most enjoyable activities include
-putting objects where he can't get them, make you get it, then put them back to where he can't get them.  This is really REALLY fun.
- Walks outside.  Throw him in a jacket and go for a walk, he will be happy as a clam. 
- playgrounds!  (He loves the slides.)  But this is a high impact, gotta be with him sort of thing.
- Generally playing with his toys.
- beach balls.
- smashing his fingers in drawers.  This is a leisure activity for him, best enjoyed while you are making food or equally focused on a task that needs your attention. 
- The sign "Help."  This is no joke.  He does it ALLLLL day long.  I am working on him showing me "Show me what you need help with" and not assuming I know (though most of the time I do.)  
- Hitting stuff with objects.  You don't have a dog, so the biggest fear you might have is him hitting you with stuff.  He doesn't tend to do that much. 
- His stomach.  He will walk around a lot, with his shirt up, patting his tummy.  I'm leaning towards "it's interesting" but it could be a sign of future eating disorders.  I'll keep an eye on it and report back.
-Eyeballs. He does have a fascination with eyeballs right now.  He is ninja-like in his speed and stealth when it comes to poking your eyeball.  Be aware.  Thankfully we have two, right?

He's in actual shoes now!  I'll pack a pair.  These are the right size, but a bit harder to put on.  I'm contemplating removing a few of his toes to ease the putting on of said shoes.

He also tends to be wet in the morning after getting up (because he drinks milk and a bottle near the end of the day.)... this isn't a problem with our bed situation, as I just change the sheets... but it would be with the pack and play.  I'd advise a good wipe down of the pad, and then sticking it outside to dry and air out in the sun.  If the sun is not answering your call for an appointment, I guess just airing it out under a covered area would work as a back up idea. 

Hope that helps!  Thanks again.  I'll be hiding in Tahiti when the weekend is over..., I'll pack some extra diapers so you can get your affairs in order so you can take care of him full time.


PS.  This letter is going on the blog.  It was one of my favorites to you guys thus far.  Hope you don't mind.  I will omit your address so other people don't drop their kids off with you too.  You're welcome.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Where the hell is the "Quilt" button?

Over the past few years, I've talked a good talk about how much I'd like to have a sewing machine. 

"All the things I could do!!"  I'd say, with my finger clicking all over Pinterest. 

My mother has a sewing machine I've asked about a few times, wondering if she still used it.  She replied that she does... though the crafting apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

I recently obtained a machine from a free site... and I looked at it, envisioning what I could do with it.  (Still, to this day, I don't even know if it worked.)

My mother came by last week for lunch and to hang out with the little guy.  She popped open the trunk of her car, and what did I see but a brand new, in-box sewing machine. 

I've been looking at it, a bit intimidated.  I'm not Julia-Homemaker.  I can't cook (though I can follow a recipe), I don't scrapbook... or whatever else you need a Cricut for...  I don't know where to begin with this thing.

HELP ME. Where do I start here?

(***I've still not found the "make a shirt" button.  They need to label this thing better.)