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Thursday, March 21, 2013

CPR/1st Aid

A picture is usually worth a thousand words.  This picture is worth 6.

Get CPR & First Aid Trained.

This face is the face my son made after he choked today.  

We've all had the minor coughing on food issues... it's typical for us a couple times a day. (Especially when he's SUPER hungry.)  Ethan loves to emulate his idol, the cookie monster and shovel every bit of food out on the tray into his mouth.

Today, my son was eating some lunch, a piece of chicken which I had cut into small pieces.  He's never had issues with this food before.  I always sit next to him while he eats, and just give him a couple pieces at a time. 

Today, I was sitting with him, and he started to choke.  Choking is a silent thing.  The signs being leaning forward, maybe kicking, a quickly reddening face.  But the biggest sign is the look of terror on his face, which was immediately mirrored on mine.  Typically, I can lean him forward over his tray and pat his back and he's ok.  

After doing that he still was not making any sounds (which is the indicator of a child not getting any air.)  I threw off his tray onto the floor and put him stomach down, head towards the floor on my leg and did several back blows.  These did not work either.  

So I stood him up on his feet and did the full out Heimlich manuever on his tiny little body.  Thankfully, the chicken dislodged and he began to breathe. 

Working with children, I've done this a couple of times, but not on my own child.  After a mom in my mom's group had a scary seizure incident with her son (leading to them having to do CPR) I printed off a CPR and Choking infographic which is posted on each floor.  Though I didn't need it for this incident (muscle memory just kicked in) I was thankful to have it. My previous CPR/1st Aid classes (which I've taken probably a dozen times) were in my mind.  

I am thankful that I've learned over the years to recognize the signs of actual choking, and practiced those skills.. as well as the fact that I never leave the area when Ethan is eating. 

Please, if you've not taken a lifesaving course, look into what classes are offered through your local hospital or Red Cross.  At the very least, please print off pictures on how to do CPR/Heimlich in the case of an emergency and make sure all caregivers know where that information is. You may have taken a class before, but it's a huge comfort to know that the information is there in case I panic or there is another caregiver in the home that day. 

Before you get off the computer, 
print off the information.  

Here are some quick links to pictures and information!
Heimlich Manuever Infographic - Child
Heimlich Infographic- Infant
CPR Infographic

I was able to save my son's life today.  This is a sentence I never hoped to have to write, but it's better than the alternative.  I had the information to save him.  Now, you do too. 

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