Ethan's Age

Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Snaphot

I've now decided the following:
1. He obviously watches me. But Juice and Sleep Aid? I need to teach him how to really do this in style. By that I mean Margarita style.
2. He has no reason to be waking

up in the middle of the night any more.
3. I need to teach him how to operate child-proof caps. I keep having to open them for him. What a free-loader. I also fill his sippy cup. Lazy Baby.
4. There is a remote possibility he is suicidal. I've tried talking to him about his feelings but he shuts me down with his incessant weeping and babbling. Obviously he is emotionally disturbed... and so am I from the lack of sleep... so, we average out.
5. And since we are on the topic... I have the pills, and I fill his sippy cup... does that make me an accessory to suicide?

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