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Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Blogiversary PAIL!

In celebration of the 6 month Blogiversary of PAIL, we are all doing a Vlog- A Video Blog!

We had a few questions to answer, and here they are!
1.  What region/state are you from?
2.  What is your favorite moment of the day?
3.  What is the first thing you do in the morning?
4.  How has inferility affected how you live/parent?
5.  What do you wish people would know about infertility and parenting?

So without further ado... My VLOG!


  1. You actually made me laugh out loud! I love how natural you are in the video and I kinda feel like I'm having a coffee with you (to warm up from that crappy weather!!) in your kitchen.

    I'm glad that you manage to take some time for yourself each day because you're right, parenting is hard, regardless of how you've fought to be one. I struggle with that and with feeling guilty when I do. I work parttime and sometimes feel like I MUST stop and have a coffee or something on MY OWN but then I feel guilty. So thanks for that reminder!!

    I have no insight on the nap thing. They handled that for us at daycare so that was nice. ;) if it doesn't work well though I'd suggest maye waiting and trying again in a few weeks. Even once sofi was on 1 nap during th week shed often take two on the weekends... Good luck!!

    (P.s. I'm on my phone and have tried before to comment here but blogger hates me, my phone and my work computer, but I'm going to try and read you more often!h

  2. Good luck with the one nap! My son is only two months old, so I have no advice to offer there, but I don't look forward to that transition!