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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Beat Bopping and Scatting all Over the Place

I've realized my updating has been spartan, so I commit to getting a bit better with this.

We've both reached the point now (being that Ethan is almost 10 weeks old) where we've moved past the honeymoon stage.  That stage where we tiptoe around each other during our time at home taking care of Ethan.

I'm super thankful that Ethan is such an easy baby.  He's sleeping with only one wake up during the night most nights, and going around 6 hours between feedings.  He's at the 80th percentile for weight (big boy at 13 pounds!) and 60th percentile for height.  He's presently fighting off a cold so he's been more grumpy in the past few days than normal, however... which inspired last night's blowout.

Jon and I have an exchange, where he takes Ethan's feedings if he wakes up before 2 AM, and I take it after.  Last night, we stayed up later to have some adult time watching some TV and having snarky banter.  I missed this part of our marriage, and though I knew I'd regret the lack of sleep.  And I did.

It typically takes me hours to fall asleep, so in bed by 10 means no sleep til one or so.  That is about when I feel asleep, with Ethan waking up at 1:45.  Jon got up to feed him, and I battled to fall back asleep.  I managed to fall asleep right before Jon came back to bed.  I woke up to a gigantic dog seemingly being shoved onto my side, and my husband flip flopping like an angry fish on the deck of an Alaskan fishing boat.  You know the flop, the "I'm turning around from side to side, but making sure that I launch myself into the air on the spin over"?  And then Ethan started making noise.  It was now 3:15 AM, and I was officially on duty, and I had been woken up, yet again.

I prop myself up on my arm and go, "Jesus, Jon, what the hell? I just fell asleep, and you're going crazy over there"  (Or something to this effect, in a very assholic tone of voice.)  "I just fell asleep and you are just tossing and turning and shoving the dog on my side! Seriously??!!"

Now, naturally, Jon wouldn't let that slide without a wonderfully matched angry retort, which I can't remember at this moment, but I'm sure it was wonderfully witty.  But naturally, I KNEW what happened was Jon just trying to make a point about how peeved he was that he had to get up 15 minutes before he was off shift.*

As I seethed, and teared up a bit, I dreaded how fast morning would come, where again my day would be full of diapers, feeding, a grumpy baby and playing the "what the hell do you want from me?" game.

This was my night.  And this is now my day.  I love you Jon & Ethan 


*What ACTUALLY happened: Jon was trying to get the dog off his side of the bed, which caused the dog to roll on my side a bit.  Jon then lifted the legs of the dog, so he could at least get under the dog and go back to sleep... and since the dog was on his side he couldn't turn well, causing the awkward flipping and flopping.  But, it was way more fun to imagine he was spiting me by throwing the dog on my side, and obnoxiously trying to break our box spring by doing belly flops.

At least we could both laugh about it around lunchtime.

...Damn baby.

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