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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dear Ethan...

Dear Ethan,
You are one month old tomorrow.  I can't believe you've been around for that long, and at the same time it feels like you've been around forever.  Here are some of the things I want to remember about your first month here on Earth:

  • You really like to eat!  I'm so thankful that we figured out that your first two weeks where you were crying and fussing non-stop was food related, and we were able to fix it.  (And boy, did I feel bad that we didn't know, and you were just hungry!)  Your momma and daddy were reallllllly frustrated and concerned since you just were SO unhappy.  Since getting you well fed, you've been much happier.  
  • You really like to sleep!  When you are not eating, you most likely can be found sleeping!  A little man after his mom's heart for sure.  I'd love to sleep that much too!  
  • You really like to poop!  You will be SO embarrassed when I share this with your future girlfriends!  But if you are not eating or sleeping, you most likely are pooping... or staring at lights, but we'll get to that. I got to experience my first "being pooped on" joy this last week.  Thanks a bunch, little man.  
  • You had your first successful baths!  Boy, do you love the tub now!  As soon as you get in the warm water, and we cover you with a warm wet washcloth you are happy as a clam!  In fact, the first time you had a bathtub bath, you fell asleep!  Super cute! Now, it's a nightly thing and it's so gloriously peaceful for us to give you a bath!
  • You are facinated by lights and ceiling fans! If you could not have to eat or sleep, you'd be content to stare at both of these things all day long.  Don't get me wrong, I love lights too, but you are obsessed. You are also starting to track things like little jingly toys we shake at you!
  • You are starting to stare at us more too!  I think you are starting to recognize us, and "not us" when someone else is holding you.  I'm starting to see a bit more thinking behind those eyes, and I'm so excited to see your brain continue to grow and watch you experience things for the first time!
  • Your mom and dad are now liking you (not just loving you!)  It was a rough couple of weeks to start out, but now that we know generally what you want when you cry, it's much easier to have you around.  
  • Your mom is in LOVE with snuggle time!  As long as it's not the middle of the night, I could just hold you against my chest and watch you sleep for hours on end.  You are so dang cute, I could just die. 

We love you a bunch, and I can't wait until the next milestone, smiling!!

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