Ethan's Age

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ethan is 1 week old!!

I promise a birth story is coming soon, it's epic however, so it's taking more time.

So, to satisfy you in the meantime?  I offer cuteness:

Monday, December 12, 2011

Gigantic Update

Well, today I am officially 2 days overdue.  This is no real surprise, being that this is our first, and that seems to be the norm.  However, the past few weeks have been beyond stressful.

A few weeks ago, my blood pressure started to climb.  3 weeks ago, it was high enough to warrant a blood test, and caused me to worry that I would somehow lose my entire birth plan, including the birth center I had my heart set on.  Thankfully, my blood work came back ok, so on we went.

The next week, my BP was marginal, so no tests were done, and I thought I was in the clear.  Last week, however, my BP was sky high and I was  not only subjected to blood testing, but also to collecting a jug of urine for 24 hours.  This threw me into panic mode, as I knew that this test was one of the last barriers between me being risked out of the birth center.  So, I did the logical thing, I sent the midwives out of the room and cried like a baby. 

Thankfully, I had insisted that Jon come to this appointment, as my stress level had continued to increase with the idea that I might be risked out, so he was able to be the calming force and I was able to gather myself and move forward.  My midwife also mentioned that she could stretch my cervix a bit to see if she could get contractions started.  This was a most unplesant experience for me, and it almost caused my husband to be sick watching me in pain.  I was already 1 cm and 80% effaced, so I left the center at around 1.5cm that day, thinking maybe I'll go into labor later that day or the next and the testing would be moot.

So, off we went with a pending blood test and a large orange jug. Now, you have to laugh a little when you open up the fridge for a snack and see this gigantic jug on the top shelf (it has to be kept cold.)  I don't think Jon thought it was quite as amusing.

So, the next day, Jon the trooper took the jug back down to the center to drop it off and we found out that I passed the UA with a level of 190 protein (they need it under 300).  Obviously I was on my way to being pre-eclamptic however so my midwife suggested several options to try to kick start labor.  One such option was Castor Oil.

Now, I've read about Castor Oil, and knew it wasn't pretty.  However, for some reason I thought it was more along the realm of "I ate too many hot pockets" sort of gross.  I won't go into details here, but 2 oz every 2 hours 3 times?  That's a shit ton.  Read between the lines.  First, it's disgusting.  Jon mixed the first dose with Cranberry Juice.  The thing is that the oil doesn't mix with water/juice, so it ended up being cranberry juice on bottom with a slick of castor oil balls on top.  I took that one like a shot (a HUGE SHOT).  The second dose though I just couldn't do.  So, after throwing up that dose all over the counter, Jon mixed another dose with Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.  This worked well, and though it took 20 minutes to eat, I got it down.  The final dose was with Peppermint Icecream, which was the worst tasting as it was medicine-y and I knew EXACTLY what Castor Oil tasted like at that point and could taste it in every bite.  The good thing for my waistline?  I'll NEVER eat either of those types of icecream again.  The worst part was the exorcist-like puking an hour after the last dose. (After which I felt like superwoman and human again.)  I won't do this again, and sadly, since I did it Friday night, it didn't seem to do anything.

So, here we sit, Monday.  We've tried everything to try to help me relax and to cause contractions (all the old wives tales) and have given in to the idea that maybe our birth plan may not come true.  We've now resigned ourselves to whatever needs to happen to have this baby safely for myself and him.  I have another appointment (and will every 3 days until I give birth due to the BP, where I get to do blood tests AND pee in a jug for 24 hours) today and I'm going to see if they will check my cervix to see if I have dilated anymore since Friday.  If not, I think we are going to start thinking very seriously about induction, which was last on our list of choices.  The stress of these appointments however are getting to me, and I know that's not healthy for either one of us.

I feel somewhat defeated.  I made it to 37 weeks before my body decided that it had enough.  I am so close to the end, to the birth plan I had made peace with, and was even excited about, and now it's possible it may go down the tubes.  However, it's not about that anymore, it's about what is best for everyone safety wise.

Stay tuned.