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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Great, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Good morning everyone.  Thought I'd give you all a quick not so quick update about my world, wonderfully organized (and horribly over-punctuationized) for your viewing pleasure. :)  Enjoy!

The Great
There are quite a few things I love about being pregnant.  One of which is putting my hand on my belly while I'm lying down and feeling this guy do a dance party in there. It is an odd feeling as well, knowing where his hands are, as he scratches the walls of his hotel room frequently.     It's so surreal to feel a little life, and I have an inkling that I'll feel rather empty once our little one makes his appearance and I no longer feel that way (expect after the occasional burrito.)  I find it amazing that my body created this little boy, and I feel I have very little to contribute, other than being a fancy hotel for him while he cooks.

We had our baby shower just last weekend, and it was lovely to see all my friends and family (and missed those of you who couldn't come for various sickness reasons (though I thank you for not getting me sick, but you were so missed!!) )  It was wonderfully planned by the lovely mom's in my life, and I enjoyed every minute of it. (Especially a certain relative who after my "thank you everyone!" speech thanked ME for getting pregnant so they could have a party.  You are most welcome, it was easy as pie *SARCASM**.... Heh.)  We were able to also round out the major items for the nursery and actually feel rather prepared.

The Good
I spent yesterday building things.  Since I knew I could sit during most of the building, I camped out in Ethan's room surrounded by boxes of various baby trapping devices.  These included a "baby jail" (Aka Pack and Play, thanks Glen & Rog!) a co-sleeper (a purchase following trade-in after careful thought) and a stroller (Thanks to "thanks for getting pregnant so we could have a party.")

The lesson to be learned here is that baby items are slightly more complicated to build than Ikea items, and thus the instructions are warranted.  Once I learned this, and fought the "This can't be that hard, who needs instructions" battle, it was smoooooth sailing.  Our gigantic dog supervised most of the build with his judging eyes of "Dude, Julia, you are SUCH an idiot, the wheels go on the other way."  Very Helpful, Freuhauser. Judging is all he is good at, since he lacks thumbs *thank GOD*.

It was very pleasant to finally get everything unpacked out of boxes and settled into the proper spaces.  Jon also built the car seat (well, took it out of the box, but the LATCH system took some finagling) and it is now comfortably installed in the car.  This took a HUGE weight off my shoulders, even if we are around 6 weeks away (hopefully not too much sooner) from this guy checking out of the Hotel.

We also obtained a GIGANTIC dresser from mi madre, which we were going to put in our room and switch out for a smaller dresser we already have for Ethan's room.  However, in a fit of "I really don't want this monstrocity in my room" Jon moved it into Ethan's and it actually worked!  Hooooray for lots of storage and a waist high shelf for all the things!!

We also have a blanket EXTRAVAGANZA (I'll have to take a picture soon to give you the full scope of Ethan Blanket Fest 2011.)  I apparently have so many crafty relatives and friends that I don't even know what to do with them all.  I counted 11 blankets (more than half are hand made!) which I plan to spread strategically through the house for maximum usage.  They are all lovely, and I'm thrilled!!! (Momma gets chilly too!)

I finished reading "The Birth Partner,"  which I found to be much more helpful than any Bradley book I've browsed thus far.  I post-ited it up for Jon and he seemed to like it too. We are gearing up for the Birth Plan conversation at this week's midwife appointment, and this book inspired lots of questions on Jon's part, which I'm thrilled about!

The Bad
The good of the bad?  Ethan is head down.  This was a huge stress of mine, because if he was breech there wasn't an option up here in Washington other than C-Section.  My midwifes can't practice up here, so a home birth (ew anyway?) was out, and OHSU was our other option which isn't covered well by our current insurance, and we couldn't be at the birth center.  So, the silver lining is?... He's not breech.

The Bad?  His head seems to be resting on a pillow of my pubic bone.  Walking around is uncomfortable.  Getting up after sitting is painful.  It's general Ick.  *be thankful, be thankful be thankful.*

I'm getting to the point where I wouldn't be unhappy to get this hotel room emptied and back to pre-Ethan condition.

The Ugly

*Hint, it involves sleep!*

I'm still not sleeping.  I'm pulling 4 hours a night (and by night I mean from 7-11 AM) and I'm getting more and more cranky about it.  I had pregnancy freak out number 3 the other night, which was compounded by my lack of emotional control due to sheer delirium. (Though I'd like to note that 3 full out pregnancy freakouts isn't bad on the scale of what I think normally happens... I'd like to think that I'm a pretty even keel kind of gal, a supposition which Jon supports, so any alteration to my normal sense of balance is unnerving.)

Please note, leaving me a "This is your body getting ready for having an infant" comment will get a sharp rebuke from me.  This is a ten year long insomnia issue, which is normally not an issue.  I'm already starting to think about how I will need to pump to be able to let Jon take some of the feedings early on in order to even maintain a 4 hour a day sleep quota.

I know I've done the right thing, going off my sleep medication during the 3rd trimester, so little Ethan is fully de-medicated when he enters the world. (Both with birth medication and with prescriptions.)

Being pregnant isn't all sunshine and rainbows for most people.  It's hard work, cooking a baby, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  I no longer feel bad about lying on the couch and taking it easy.  Enjoy being able to roll over without having to make a ten point flip, folks!  Also, a big shout out to my friend HOJO who is now expecting her first (and is in the dreaded first trimester!)  Eat lots of mint chocolate chip ice cream, your body needs the... dairy? Yes, that's why.  Dairy. It's good for you.

Recap?  I'm doing ok!  34 weeks is coming up soon (next week!)  I will have some pictures soon of the new nursery, and maybe even a belly picture!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Waiting Game

I've been a slacking blogger, I know. 

I'm still sitting pretty, sitting pretty LARGE.  I'm now 31 weeks along and in the homestrech. 

Here's some updates.
1.  I'm hungry all the time, and now I have adopted the Lord of the Ring Eating Strategy- 1st, 2nd breakfasts etc.  This has curbed the delicate shifting between ok and OMG FEEEEED MEEE.  (Which I'm sure my husband appreciates.)
2.  I'm starting to get used to being home alone all day.  I went a bit crazy over the past few weeks, just feeling a lack of connection between myself and the outside world. I'm thankful that I've met up with a few friends and met some new ones here in my new hometown.  I still feel a bit more disconnected than I'd prefer, but I'm working on it.
3.  We've worked on the little one's room, and it looks cute!  Pictures will be upcoming, after the baby shower mid-month.
4.  Baby shower is coming up on the 15th.  I'm thrilled to say that I'm really not doing much for this, which is pleasant.  I'm looking forward to the gathering of friends and family, and just having a great time.
5. This little guy has camped as north as he can in my body, making moving around at times incredibly uncomfortable.  I've actually tried smoooshing him down a bit lower at times when I'm just aching.  The lack of space for, you know, the REST OF MY INTERNAL ORGANS is at a premium.  Interestingly enough though, I'm pretty sure I've not gained much weight (though this is not my goal, mind you) in the past couple of weeks.  I'm defiantly sticking out there, but I'm comfortable that I'm eating/drinking/living healthy enough to rebound my body pretty quickly after birth and get back on my fitness road. 
6.  He kicks full force now and the fun thing is to press down on where he's kicking and feeling him squirm away or kick some more.  There's a human in there, and that still boggles my mind.

It's starting to hit me that in 8ish weeks, I will be laboring to get this little guy into the world.  I'd be lying if this didn't terrify me a bit.