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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oh baby!

Sadly, through my busy life staying at home, I've neglected to update in the past couple of week.
Ethan has been kicking up a storm, and we are able to almost distinguish baby parts when we feel my stomach.  I've been settling into the 3rd trimester, and enjoying the fact that we've reached the point of viability.  Though I can't imagine this little guy being born now, it's nice to know that if he were, he would be able to make it (with lots of help though.)

I've been plagued with what I thought was a UTI, but tests came back negative.  I'm taking it easy and loading up on Cranberry juice and Vit C.  I've also noticed that with Ethan getting bigger, the space for my lungs is getting smaller.  I pre-plan trips up our stairs, and dread when I forget something.  I get out of breath much easier, and even lying down at times makes it harder to breathe. 

I'm busy reading a few books as well, including "The Birth Partner,"  a book my midwife suggested for Jon.  I also have on tap (no pun intended) "The Breastfeeding Book" by Dr Sears wife.  I've heard good things about it.

Jon and I have been thinking more about our birth plan (which is deeply simplified due to being at a Birth Center where most of the expectations I had are actual policy. (Being alone, or minimal intrusion, quiet, waterbirth if possible, etc.)   I'm still very happy and pleased about our choice to go natural, in the Birth Center.  I appreciate the attention I've gotten (immediate responses to questions/concerns) and the longer appointments with my midwives. 

The other big news is that I went off my sleep medication.  I've been on this medication for 4 years, and for those who know me well, you know it's changed my life.  The transition off the medication has been absolutely awful.  Nothing is quite as infuriating as being exhausted and unable to sleep.  (Especially when you have a husband who falls asleep in 30 seconds.  And, that's not an exaggeration.) I am convinced going off this medication is the right thing, as the child doesn't need to have that in their system during their final months, and lingering after birth as well.

I've had to cancel several friend engagements over the past week or so due to me just not feeling up to moving, let alone socializing.  With two family get-togethers in the next couple of days, I'm not looking forward to having to be social, but am looking forward to the company at the same time.  Quite the quandary.

I have hopes that I will settle into some sort of sleep routine, even if it means being a vampire and only sleeping during the day.  Oy. 

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