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Monday, August 29, 2011

Day One of Professional Domesticity

That's right folks, in the few weeks it's taken to make this post, I've gone from the world of almosts, to the world of muffins, vacuuming and unpacking boxes.

For the past months I've "almost" been done working and "almost moved into our own house" and "almost have a baby in my arms."  Well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad (and I'm happy about number three, as he still has about 2.5 months to cook yet.

Let's see.  We are currently residing in our new 3 Bed, 2 Bath in the lovely Pacific Northwest, a mere 25 miles from our previous apartment.  I have to admit, I'm feeling a bit small in this place, as it is HUGE!  I will be adding a tab in the near future with pictures of the new place. 

I'm happy I feel small in one area of my life, as I'm now feeling like a tank in regards to my actual size.  Our little boy is cooking away at the speed of a Nascar, and I'm trying to keep up.  The lovely hormonal swings are in full force.  Yesterday the cable guy came over and I had to take our other gigantic boy (our dog Freuhauser) out, because that dog just didn't like the cable guy.  I took him out and he refused to walk.  So, here was this wonderfully gigantic pregnant lady with a whiny dog, standing on a hot sidewalk for 45 minutes.  After about 20, I burst into tears. While this is not unexpected now (see this post), it is unwanted as the neighbors no doubt thought I was freaking crazy standing in one spot on the sidewalk, saying no to the dog when he whines, and crying my eyes out. 

This scenario got significantly better (read: TOTAL SARCASM) when I had a meet and greet with a passing family (mom + dad + 2 year old baby).  While I don't pretend to care about what others think, can YOU imagine running into a obviously pregnant lady, crying with a whiny dog on the sidewalk?  I think not.  After that encounter, and 45 minutes of being on the SAME SPOT on the sidewalk, I marched back into the backyard and yelled through the windows, "Jon, I need a time-frame here, or you need to switch with me before I have a total emotional breakdown!!" (He didn't need to know that part one of the breakdown had already occurred, and I was just holding in part two.)  At that very moment, the cable guy had left so Jon looked at me in surprise.  Cue Part Two.  Jon, thankfully, doesn't really question the insanity.  (Though I'm sure he looks forward to the day he has his wife back.)

The little one is now kicking will full force, enough to make my hand jump when he does it while I'm touching my belly.  It's an odd sensation, and I've gotten used to feeling him moving all the time.  It's comforting, as it tells me there still is a baby cooking in there, not just too many donuts.  

Today is my first official day of being home full time.  My full time job is to cook a baby.  I'm taking this very seriously, and have started a food log to make sure that I'm on track for a healthy 3rd trimester.  Though I loved my office, there were no incentives or opportunities to eat well.  There were always cakes and candy and baked goods lingering, just waiting for me.  It's hard to have self control in that sort of environment.  Yesterday I did fantastic, drinking the recommended allotment of water (106OZ!) which I never thought possible.  I also stayed right around 1800 calories, which is about where I need to be to have a healthy balance without overeating. 

In the upcoming months, I will be talking a bit more about the nursery that we've created, and some home projects, as well as some adventures in new recipes.  If you have any healthy recipes that are budget friendly, or have links with ideas, please feel free to leave them here!

As always, commenting is love, along with following me here at the blog or "liking me" over on Facebook! 

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