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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Large Resolutions

Over the past few weeks, many decisions were up in the air.
We needed to close on the house, we needed to get Jon fully employed, we needed our next insurance set up.

And we needed to figure out where to have our baby.

As noted in the previous post, I have been drawn to the "out-of-hospital" route.

I fell in love with a place. 

We toured a local waterbirthing center located very close to us, and within 25 minutes of our new house.  We loved the midwife we met with, and we loved the people who showed us around. The center is beautiful, with hotel room like spaces that are warm, comforting and inviting.  They were setting up for an incoming laboring mother, and I got to see the room all set up with the water drawn in the tub, candles out, and the curtains drawn.  It was very soothing.

I appreciated that they were able to answer both of our questions about safety, and basic information about their center and back up plans.

Jon and I sat down to lunch the next day and he asked "what do you think?"  I gave him all of my thoughts... and warily asked "well, what did you think?"  He took a breath, and I dreaded what he was going to say.  I busily took a bite of my baja fresh (while looking across the room and noticing I was sitting around 10 feet from the two kids featured in the TLC Show "Little People, Big World.")  of course, I was just looking for something to distract me.

Jon had more than a little trepidation about the idea of not birthing in a hospital, and this tour was what was going to either reinforce his beliefs, or get him thinking of other options.  I just knew he wasn't on board, and truly, if he was very uncomfortable with the birthing center route after the tour, I had already resigned myself to agreeing to trying a natural childbirth in a hospital.  The idea of it made me shudder in fear, but I didn't want to have an uncomfortable husband being nervous through birth.

I digress.  I was eating my taco. 
"well, what did you think?" I had just said.

"Well," he said thoughtfully "I liked it."
Thankfully, I had just swallowed the bite of food otherwise I might have choked a bit.  I slowly drank a sip of soda. "You... Liked it."  He went on to talk about how comfortable it felt, and how he understood how I had fallen in love.  But better yet, he talked about how he felt comfortable with the way they dealt with emergencies and that he felt I'd be taken care of.

I was blown away.  We've found where we will be having our baby, this is the last large piece of the puzzle.

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