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Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's A Boy!

That's right folks, after a full hour of an uncooperative fetus rolling about, we were able to get a really great shot that leaves no cause for questioning.  He's got boy parts!!  However, more importantly, it's human, has all it's parts in the right place... fingers, toes... a heart, all of it!

I'd post it here, but I'm saving the picture for the senior yearbook.  (Because I'm that kind of mom.)  So, here's a none money shot pic of the 19 week old! (Those dots about his chest are his hands!)

Week 19- It's A Boy!

In other news, I was able to have my first official midwife appointment last week.  I've now met both midwives that will be on my birth team, and one apprentice.  I will meet the other apprentice in a month when I meet again with the first.  So, basically, I switch back and forth between the two midwives until birth comes, then one is my primary (Tracy) and then I have a secondary (Jesica) who comes in if labor is really long, or if Tracy needs break. They also each have an apprentice who shadows them who are studying to become midwives.  The one I've met (Jules) is really nice too, so I feel really comfortable with them.

Afterwards, there are lactation specialists on hand, and on my second day, I get a massage too.  They take care of all our meals, and let us just relax and get to know our little one! I feel so confident, and ready to get to this!

We are working on boys names right now, and have one front runner that we both love very much.

Here are the obligatory belly pics.  You can tell my body really likes the extra exercise that it's getting, as there isn't too much change (if anything a bit of thinning out) between week 18 and 19.

         Week 14                                            Week 18                                            Week 19

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