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Monday, July 18, 2011

Do It Yourself Housing Projects

I’m not gonna lie.  I drool over this blog on a daily basis.

Part of owning a new home is deciding the stuff that you want to do to it to make it totally awesome.  A major piece to this plan is to find furniture for super cheap at thrift stores (or yard sale/Craigslist) and refurbish them.  (EG; sanding and staining or repainting them.) The bonus of moving into a house that is Mary Poppins (Practically Perfect in Every Way) is that we don’t have any substantial repairs or things that need to be done.

The main project is getting rid of the U.G.L.Y. wall paper in the lower and upper bathrooms.  (The upper one is full of pink flower *vomit* and the lower one is a weird palm tree motif.) Thankfully, neither wall paper project is crucial, and is more cosmetic than anything else. 

The other items we are looking for on our thrift store/yard sale/craigslist adventures are the following:
1.   A hutch for the kitchen with an upper and lower level (preferably with an upper level that is glass cabinets because I love the way it looks, but I’m flexible.)  Price of this item new is around $200-400.  My goal for Thift Store Price is less than 100.00.  I’m willing to sand/refinish and  paint the new item.
2.   A nice glass paneled book shelf for our DVD’s upstairs or downstairs. Price of this item new at Ikea is $369.00.  My goal for a thift store find is less than $75.00. 
3.   Window boxes for the outside lower level in the back yard. 
I really want to go for the circle version- found in the House projects link on the right (douchy looking dude not included.) Thankfully, this is already listed as a do-it-yourself project, costing roughly $10.00 per box (x4 boxes) compared to purchasing them at $150.00/per at home depot. (Total savings somewhere around $500.00! WOW!)

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