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Friday, June 17, 2011

Epic House Update

Lately, Blogger has been having trouble loading my pictures.  I was going to post this awesome walk through of our new house, but for some reason it’s just not happening.  So, sadly, you will need to wait until we move in and I’m able to take my own (not realtor) photos.  At that point, I will do a fun tour.

So, in the past month, we moved from prospective to actual homebuyers, with all the twists and turns therein.  I had no idea how complicated buying a house could be, but our experience has been relatively painless. 

We saw this house on a Saturday, and it had been on the market for less than 3 days.  I recall walking in, and my first words were “I want to live here.”  All of the other places had something major wrong with it, or we would say “well, we could make this work.”  This one worked.  Perfectly.  As is.

The place was decorated beautifully, and flattering to the space.  The paint on the walls even, was neutral and yet still beautiful.  They had done several upgrades (which we saw even more-so when we looked at photos from a comp home down the street.)  In the backyard is a beautiful water feature, which is right above the master bedroom, so when you open the window, all you can hear is the waterfall. 

We came back on Sunday with the parents, with the goal of finding flaws in the house.  The parents, both sets, tend to have strong opinions, we could count on them saying “wow, this isn’t so good” or other critical eye thoughts.  They loved it, we loved it. 

So, off we went to the realtor’s office, and we wrote up a full price offer.  We didn’t want to lose the house over a quibble of a couple thousand dollars, so we were willing to do so.  Then we waited.  Later in the evening, we received a phone call saying that they accepted our offer, with the contingency that they wanted to close by a certain date, and rent from us for a month.  This made sense as they probably needed to free up the money they would get from selling the house to buy a new one.  We had no problem with this, because we wanted to move in late summer anyway.  So, our official possession date will be August 1st.

We were obviously nervous as we met the inspector at the house the following week.  Were there dead bodies in the wall?  Were there no pillars on load bearing walls?  What was wrong with this house?  Was it too good to be true?  A perfect house, in our budget seemed too good to be true.

The inspection went totally well, there were VERY minor corrections, which the seller fixed for us.  We have a re-inspection coming up in the next week to make sure that all the corrections were made properly.  (The one issue was some missing flashing on the roof, and some dry rot in the window sills.  We want to make sure this work was done, and done properly.)

So, that’s where we are at with the house itself.  We are in a holding pattern as we wait for the underwriter to write up our loan documents, which we are scheduled to sign on June 30th, when we officially own the house, and then for the month of July the previous owners will rent from us.  August 1st is our official day we get the keys, etc. 

So, that’s our 3 Bed, 2 Bath update.  In the next few days, I will be doing a “1 Baby” update.  I will also be picking the winner of the contest soon. 

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