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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

30 year fixed, Chud, Movement, and Midwives

Well, this week has been very busy thus far.

On the house front, we were able to get all the funding paperwork in (who knew that FHA was such a pain in their particular ways of doing things?)  With some loving TLC from the Mother, and the Parents-in-Law, we were able to get all the pieces of paper that mattered to the people it mattered for.

Today, we sat down at a large desk in an oversized office, and deinked some pens, as we slowly signed our life (at least until 2042) away on a novel legal sized, small type documents.

Yes, we know we don't own the house until we pay it off.
Yes, we understand that if we don't pay our morgage, we can't stay there.
Yes, we realize that we've sold our souls to an HOA for 90.00/quarter.
Yes, we acknowledge that our first born belongs to the Federal Government.

As we sit here, icing our fingers from the amount of signing we had to do today, I can't help but think that just by 1 hour worth of signing paperwork... we became homeowners.  The actual owners sign tomorrow, and then funding should be released to the proper people (including the people who know own our lives for the next 30 years...) and then the house is ours.  The current owners are renting the house from us for a month, and we are set to start our slow move in process August 1st.

I'm consistantly surprised that it was that easy to somehow join into this huge committment of the house.  However, the large committment still looms.

That one, of course, is the life time job of being a parent.

Jon wanted to name our future children Chud and Freuhauser.  Since our dog is named Freuhauser, it seemed only fair that the fetus (while it has no gender assigned to it) is dubbed Chud.  (This is despite my assertions that our Roomba, whom I named Chud, was sufficient enough use of the name.  However, this is not the topic for an argument.)

Chud is cooking at the 17 week temperature right now, and is doing great.  The revelation came yesterdy as I was sitting at my desk and I felt Chud move.  There had been a couple of times I wondered, but this time I knew.  It felt much like the twitching you get when your muscles spazzes out behind your eye.  Light, but noticable only to me.  Jon has gotten more and more attached to this "it's a person in there" idea, and has been demanding Chud time, where he proceeds to fall asleep with his hand on my belly.  It's super cute, and it's even more cute how coy he is about it.

I've been getting my general energy back, but am still hit with waves of exhaustion that seem to hit near the end of the day, or just randomly.  I'm showing enough, though, to get away with the "pregnant lady's gotta sit!" announcement.  I'm not super big yet, which makes me feel a bit better, because for a while there I felt like a house.  I already have one of those. Later on, when I'm in my house, I will feel smaller than a house.  I read that I am ok to gain 1-2 pounds a week now (which I'm hoping will stay in the 1 pound range, but obviously I'm not being anything but conscious of what I am putting in my body.)  Lately, my body wants more fluids (which since I've been drinking a couple gaterades a day I've not had leg cramps) and french fries.  Yummy.  

I'd really like to track down a reasonably priced prenatal yoga class, which you'd think my current employer would have (I work for a non-profit which among other things, also manages several gyms in the area.)  However, my search has been less than fruitful.  I need some sort of low impact exercise, and I'm not into the idea of squeezing into a bathing suit.  Yoga or Pilates seems like the best option, as it will also help with flexibility and breathing in labor.

Jon and I have spent a lot of time talking about birth plans lately, and I've been very firm that I want to have a natural birth.  I keep going back to a Birthing Center that is located here in town that a friend used.  It has water birthing options (an idea that didn't previously seem attractive to me, but it's grown on me.)  Jon, being the patient guy he is, has listened, asked lots of questions and slowly warmed up to the idea of birthing outside of a hospital.  I've spent hours upon hours researching, and after several books, movies and articles, I am convinced that hospital birthing is not for me.

However, this is a huge paradigm shift for Jon, as he was always of the mindset that birth occurs in a hospital.  After patiently (and sometimes impatiently) listening to my assertions, he has agreed that I can take the lead (and actually get into the idea of) this one and we have a tour set for this Friday at the center that I would like to use.  I'm really excited to meet with the midwives there and get more information, but thankfully I've got two insiders there (a fellow blogger who works there, and a friend who recently birthed there) to give me an inside scoop.  What I hear is nothing but great things.

We will be finding out the sex of the baby sometime next month.  We plan to keep it secret until right before I go on my out of country trip, where we will tell my in-laws right before I leave, and then my family up at the family cabin in Toronto.  Super exciting, and a fun thing to reveal!

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