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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pregnancy Equates to Comfort

To offset my bitterly posted blog of yesterday, I shall now provide you with a glimpse into my life.

I'm now 10 weeks along, and have been blessed with a pretty decent pregnancy.  Fatigue? Yup.  Nausea? Yup.  Throwing up?  Rarely (and I blame my main event with a pregnancy craving of macaroni, where I ate too much to be justified by a fetus's hunger.)  From the beginning, I've said that I will take pregnancy hardships with a smile, and I've done well. 

One thing I was dreading?  Maternity clothes. 

What a bum rap these clothes get.  People think "Oh, I'll look ugly," or "I'll look fat in them."  I was blessed to have a friend/co-worker how had quite a few clothes that she passed on to me, with the understanding that I would then pass the clothes on to someone else.  Thankfully, it has saved us a lot of money, not having to buy them myself.  I have a huge tupperware box full of clothes that I have been looking at for the past couple of weeks. 

Finally, today, I had it.  I want to be comfortable, instead of trying to pretend that my trunk was growing :)  I tried on pair after pair of jeans and khaki's.  Here is the best kept secret of maternity clothing.

It is the most comfortable clothing you will ever wear.  No wonder Michelle Duggar is pregnant all the time.  She knows the secret, pregnant mothers, uncomfortable in their own bodies at times, have the most comfortable clothes to offset it!

Now that the secret is out, I'll be wearing maternity jeans for the next 10 years.  Pregnant or not.

Last night, Jon had a dream we had a daughter.  I'd be thrilled with either, of course, but I do have a leaning toward having a daughter.  Either way, I'm excited to find out the gender in 2 short months, so I can start thinking about a theme for the nursery, and really start drooling over little things. 

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