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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lime Week!

I've been a slacker about posting, I apologize!  This week begins "Lime Week" where the fetus is as big as.. well, you know. I'm finally getting on the end of the first trimester, the second starts on Sunday.

I have my first trimester screening on Tuesday, my thoughts being I'd like to know as early as possible if I should be researching Downs/Other Complications.  For inspirational reading, I've been reading over at Enjoying the Small Things.  I'm not expecting complications, but I can't tell you how much peace it gives me to read about a family how is thriving with the challenges of that child who has Downs Syndrome.  (And gosh, she is SO cute!)

Another reason I've been lax in updating is that we bought a house.  We love it, it's gorgeous, and I will update with photos.  Along with every single life event, how else do I celebrate, BUT MAKE ANOTHER BLOG????  3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Baby is up and running, without any posts, but with some fun tabs that are growing! If you are interested in the adventures of First Home Home buying, remodeling, projects and such, please do follow me over there.  As we get closer to taking possession, I will be updating there.  I also plan to merge this blog with that one at some point near the end of the summer.

Love you all!

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