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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

12 Week Ultrasound- 1st Trimester Screening

Today was my 13 week ultrasound (though I'm 12w3d).  Here's what happened:

1.  Heartbeat strong at 154bpm
2.  Moving around LIKE CRAZY!  it was wild how the ultrasound tech would push at it, and it would just flip around, and move it's hands, and all that, wow.
3.  Looking good for the lower downs syndrome risk, 2x less risk than before (meaning the space on the back of the neck is growing appropriately), measurements are looking great (measuring 12w6d)
4.  Lower blood pressure (I've been walking more) and it wasn't bad to start with.
5.  Baby flipped several times, so no gender guessing for this girl!
6.  Lost a pound since my last appt, making my total weight gain 3 pounds for the first trimester, which you'd never guess with the expanding belly-ness happening.
7.  Baby actually LOOKS like a baby.  Hands, feet, face!  Wow!  It's finally getting real!
8.  My belly is definately a baby, they were ultrasounding right below the belly button, so maybe I'll actually post a belly pic.
9.  Trisomy 13 testing- took blood today, will hear back in 10 days if something is wrong, or if they need more stuff.  Otherwise, my next draw/ultrasound is in late June.

And now the obligatory pictures!

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