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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2 Week Wait Means You Win!

Hey guys!  It's contest time!!!  To thank all of you current readers, encourage you to follow me, and join me on the facebook page... I've created a contest/giveaway!

This month I'm giving away one of the following options:
1.  A Pregnancy and Ovulation Test Pack from Early Pregnancy Tests.  I've not used anything other than these, and they are dead on (to the point that I don't even have to temp anymore!  Freeeedom from the ball and chain of morning thermometers!!!
2.  A 20.00 Item from You get to choose how awesome your prize will be!! (So people who are reading that aren't trying to start a family can still win something cool!!)
3.  Or a really sweet infertility "Believe" necklace from Bugaboojewelry.  (I want this one for myself. HINT HINT!)

How do you win, you might ask?

There are several ways to have an entry!!!
1.  Follow Me on this blog page.  You can find a "Follow Me" button over there to the right. (That's right, you hundreds of people who read my blog in your reader without following me, I've GOT YOU KNOW! :)     )
2.  Friend the Facebook Page,  "Just Relax."
3.  Promote my blog (including this give-away post.)  You will need to post a link to your promoting blog post, please!  Any new people coming over can then participate in this contest too!!

You MUST comment on this post to be entered.  
(Even if you are already following or on the facebook page)

"Hey, I've followed your blog, friended the Facebook Page and here's the link to my promotion!"  

Each thing you do will equal one entry in the contest.  I will then reply to your comment with what numbers you have for the drawing. 

I will random generate a number at the end of the time period! 

The winner gets to pick what item they want.

Contest Closes:
Friday, April 15th at 5 pm PST.

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