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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The New Year

Well, I'm officially back at work, on a modified work plan for one week to phase me in.  I've been working the full day in the office, and rather like it.

I'm technically on Day 6 past ovulation.  I've had some major cramping/internal pressure (not sure how else to put it), which could be an implantation sign, I suppose.  I've taken to not thinking about it much, though I've been so busy since the New Year I've not had time.  I've also taken to relying on the OPK rather than the temp change for Ovulation.  The fact that I can wake up and hit the snooze alarm until the "OMG I'm going to be late!" moment, and not have to waste another 2 minutes on temping is glorious.  I'm going to try to wait until day 12 or so to test, because I can't stand the negatives for 6 days in a row until then.

We've started to roll in the bills for surgery.  It's amazing how much a 1 hour surgery costs, but we are SO thankful to have insurance, as right now the total out of pocket stands at around 800.  However, we've yet to get the Dr Awesome bill for her services, so it will undoubtedly be more.  Either way, we are also blessed to have a person in our lives who has offered to pay for half of what it ends up costing.  It seems like we might need to give them some of their money back, as we anticipated a higher bill..., but we are waiting until we are sure that we have a final total.

I've noticed I've gained a few new readers!  Thank you for joining me, and feel free to comment away (Though you must sign/log in to comment, and it is moderated.)  I will respond to each one!  In a few days I'm going to spot light a few of your blogs, so if you'd like that, please comment below with your blog address so I can get to know you (if you are new) or come up with something clever in a spotlight!  I love new blogs to read, so join in the conversation!

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