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Monday, January 10, 2011

I Am A Surgeon, and You Can Be Too!

Well, bills are still rolling in for my surgery I had in the middle of December.  I have decided, however, that I could have done this surgery myself.

Why do you ask?

I perform surgery daily during the back end of the 2 Week Wait. 

Starting about DPO Day 8 I resume my investment in the Pregnancy Test business, and start testing.  Is this logical? No.  Through oodles of research, I've been assured that any test before around day 10 just isn't reliable.  Does this stop me? Not really.  Not at all.

However, Once I see that 1 line on the tests, I perform microsurgery. Why waste 10 years doing medical school and residency? Here's what you can do to be a surgeon too! 

1.  Grab pregnancy test with surgical instruments.
2.  Grab Bobby Pin retracting instrument
3.  Take the bobby pin retracting instrument and insert  it into the seam and open the Pregnancy Test Cavity.
4.  Pull the test apart and extract the test strip
5.  Examine with a Magnifying Glass

10,000 Dollars Please!

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