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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Weight Loss

I'm thrilled to start to feel like my body is returning to normal.  For the last year + I've been pumped full of Clomid in increasing doses during the beginning of each cycle, and this is the first cycle in that amount of time that I feel medication free (sans pain meds from surgery) and I already feel like my body is starting to go back to normal.  I've not be able to work out yet, but I'm hoping to by the end of the week beginning of next!  I'm moving to week 8 of my marathon training at that point.

Current Weight: 168.8
Goal Weight: 150
Ideal Ending Weight: 135-140

I'm going to work my ass off for the next few months to try to get to Goal weight, and scream up and down if I get to Ideal End Weight.  I will then buy lots of clothes.  And dresses.  And sexy outfits.

I know I can do this.  I can become pregnant, and I can be healthy before I do it.

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