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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pre-Op Appt

I had my pre-op appts today where I met with both the hospital and Dr Awesome.  I was able to ask a bunch of questions and be able to get some peace of mind about the whole thing.

So here's what's happening:
  • 2 hour laproscopic procedure
    • 6 hour hospital stay, assuming that everything goes well
  • depending on what she finds
    • lasers to repair scarring or other malformations
    • un twisting of the blocked tube
    • HSG-Like dye checks prior and after
  • Breathing tube
    • This is what really scares me, to be honest

I'm taking 2 weeks off to recover, and people generally need at most that time.  They asked me about my medical history and all of that.

I was nervous bringing in my sexual assault history to the table, but Dr Awesome said that I could meet everyone and she would be there the entire time.   Obviously, it's not about the people there and that I think they were going to do something... it is the loss of control.

I'm nervous, I'm scared.  I'm trying to hide it, but today when Dr Awesome was listening to my heart she said it was racing and I wasn't really hiding it well.  She had me hold my breath a few times to get it back under control, and took the time to meet with me for longer than she needed to make sure that I was comfortable.  I know she will do right by me, she has so far.

Jon has the day off, and will be there the whole time.  I am thankful he will be right there in case anything goes wrong and when I get moved to a recovery room.

I have my mom bring over lunch twice after surgery, and I have a couple of friends scheduled to come by during that time as well.  I borrowed my staff's entire Harry Potter series of books, so hopefully I can work through those too.


  1. I know you won't need it but good luck! Crossing my fingers for a quick and easy procedure and an even faster recovery.

  2. Good luck! I'm sure everything will go great, and you'll have a wonderful 2 weeks to relax and be pampered ;-)

  3. coffee connoisseurDecember 8, 2010 at 9:41 AM

    What a big day for you! I'm nervous and excited and anxious with you/for you. I love your honesty with the medical professionals and with your blogging community, it is an inspiration.