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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Post-Op Appt

Today was my Post-Op Appt with Dr Awesome.  I learned some interesting things.

1.  My tubes were ALWAYS open- whomever did the HSG didn't do it well, thus skewing the results. (Which begs the question to be asked, why is it taking me so long??)
2.  Stage 1 Endometriosis was found, and burned off. Probably won't affect me for 4-5 years fertility wise.
3. Ovarian drilling will probably not make any positive difference in fertility for another 7-8 months. 
4.  I'm basically on my own now.   I'm just supposed to "try" to get pregnant for the next few months.  I was literally left with a "call me when you are pregnant." (Unless I have a weirdly long cycle with no pregnancy.)

I got a note for light duty next week so I am not put in a place where I am responsible for all the kids at work, which is nice, I can just phase in.  Sitting for a long period of time is not the most pleasant thing either though, so I'm going to bring my heat back into work,  I think.

No real news, other than another OPK+ today (so day 20 & 21.)  I'm about to take a nap, which is always glorious, then off to pick up the dog and enjoy a night home alone.

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