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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fred Meyer Doesn't Know How I Support Them Financially By Buying Pregnancy Tests!!!!

I'm not going to lie, after the boycott of Target for this donation, we started to purchase items more at Fred Meyer.  (Also not going to lie, we also just like it because it's super close to our house.)

So far, Fred Meyer has done right by us.  Until a couple of nights ago.  I went to purchase a round of pregnancy tests, as I was 14 DPO and getting ready for my pre-op appt.  I placed the pregnancy tests on the belt, and waited my turn, sandwiched between 2 guys buying typical manly items like beer, pickles and blocks of cured meat.

I don't really care about what I buy at the store, so I didn't really think about it.

I got up to the front and the woman (who like like 10 years older than me) starts bagging my item.

Then she says (in a loud voice):

"Looks like someone is going to get good or bad news tonight!"

*DOUBLE TAKE* Checker says WHAT?

No joke.  I was completely floored that this would be said.  Heaven forbid I bought condoms or perhaps purchased beer while I was 8 months pregnant?

Though this was reminiscent of this interaction at work,  I kept my cool, remembered her name and went home.  I called up Fred Meyer and asked for a manager and let fly. 

So, if you are ever at the Tualatin Fred Meyer here in Oregon and you get a checker named Alana, be sure to make sure you are not buying anything but Q-Tips and cheddar cheese (the least controversial of the cheeses.)  If you are buying anything that requires you to be a certain age, or to be sexually active to use it, run away.  Either that, or come up with an awesome sob story and burst into tears.

Better yet, avoid Fred Meyer.

Next time, I will make a scene.


  1. Wow, fail. What a jerk. I'm glad you called and complained; that's totally unprofessional to be commenting about what someone is buying.

  2. Ugh. This is why I try to avoid the checkout lanes in the "grocery" section of that particular Freddie's, I'm not sure WHY but I've noticed that the cashiers there are irritating in a way that the cashiers near the other two doors aren't.