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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ya... But what have you done in the meantime?

In the almost two years since my husband and I started trying to conceive, I've been able to do a lot of things... most of which I'd not be able to do with an infant.  So, let's recap.

Julia > Lucy in skill

1. Analyze THIS!
I started (and am currently in the middle of) my Masters in Psychology program.   The idea that I could get paid to analyze people all day thrills me to no end.  I do this anyway, why not get paid for it!  I've even started armchair diagnosing my husband.  (Who definately has  should be diagnosed by a professional as having Blood-Injection-Injury Phobia*.)

*Not an official diagnosis

Julia does not condone violence for promotional opportunities.
2.  I put my foot down at work, and basically demanded the ability to create a professional development plan for myself, since I was shut down for a promotion (and not even given an interview.)  I told my boss that the only way I could advance in the office was to kill her, and 4 other people who would be next in line seniority wise*.

...She agreed to the professional development plan.

 *totally not going to happen and any death of the before mentioned co-workers is completely accidental and not cause by this blog post.

Apparently our apartment is like a warehouse

3a.  Why, the more space to clean up, dear!
We've finally settled into our new home, with one extra bedroom, one extra bathroom and more than 60% more space. (Oh, and my HUSBAND suggested that he use the closet in the spare bedroom for his clothes, leaving me to inhabit the master closet.  What a guy!)

3b. We gained 100 pounds.  Of Dog!
We've significantly lessened the perceived space in our home with the addition of a huge 6,000 pound furball.  His name is Freuhauser. Yes, that's his real name, and NO I didn't pick it (though I agreed to it.)  My husband wanted to name our future child Freuhauser... so a dog it was.  He is a fine specimen of caninity, who loves long walks on the beach, chasing things and licking himself. and food.  and anything is food.  (Except grapes, olives and lettuce.)

"Love me?"

And yes.  He is adorable, and has horrible breath.  Much like my husband.  ZING! (*No honey, you don't have horrible breath.  Just kidding.)  (And yes, my husband made this picture card for me when I had a rough time at work.  He's adorable like that.  It's sick really... like too much cotton candy.  Well, any cotton candy really.  Or Candy Corn.  Jon is the Candy Corn of my heart.  So delicious... great in theory... but too much sweet and I will throw up.)

Candy Corn is Love.  Until you Vomit.
3c.  Total annihilation of all things nice.
Craigslist Ad: Apartments for rent with a lovely smoky flavor
Freuhauser was a puppy and he chewed on corners.  Then he teethed and chewed on everything.  (Our bed posts, our couches, our arms... our friends.)  Now he's an adult and he just* rips up our carpet.  We are convinced that the only way we can make this apartment re-rentable is total and complete destruction of the interior.  We will be calling out the Crime Scene clean-up crews for this job.   Or at least putting lots of runners through the house to try to hide the ginormous holes he has made in the carpet from the manager of the complex.  And rocks to hold the runners down with.  Big rocks.    

"I Can't Stand Commercials." 
I've managed to make sure he doesn't chew on the valuable items, such as a bench given to me by my grandparents that has been in my family for a LONG time.  (Only by putting it behind a padlocked door with pop cans on the handle so I can hear him go in.  I know he has opposable thumbs, because I've caught him in there watching Showtime.  How else could he have opened the door, grabbed the remote and selected an item from our DVR? (But he has good taste in programming, His favorite show is the secret life of a call girl.)

*And by just I mean he also poops in the house from time to time, which is lovely.  Nothing makes a long day worth while more than coming home to a stinky house and an ashamed dog.  

Now the serious!
4.  Full Fledged Marathon Training! 
Check me out.  No, not like that, you sicko!  

5.  Resigned myself to the TTC journey taking way too long. However, it's taking a good turn!  I finally got all my paperwork done for my FMLA/ESLB Medical Leave I'll be taking in December over winter break for the surgery.  I'm actually very excited for this*.
Not Really Julia's Innards
*I may have thought about asking the dr to let me have a picture of my insides.  I mean, when would you ever have the opportunity to see your organs... when you are alive anyway.  My husband is promptly throwing up after reading that last statement. However, I'm pretty sure that I'll I've got inside me are Chipotle Burritos and a full knife set from QVC that stabs me every time I run too hard.   

6.  The complete cut off of communication with a couple of family members.  
Prompted mainly by the reaction on a blog post a few months ago, I was cut out of (and did some cutting out of myself) a portion of my extended family.  I am truly sad about the way it all went down, but I feel a sense of peace about it.  
I've battled with my feelings on this issue for many years now, and though I'm not happy with the resolution, there is a sense of completion.  I've always wanted things to be nice and tidy and in boxes on a shelf, and life doesn't always deal you the cards to do so, or the ability to put something in a box without some emotional carnage.  So, with a great deal of emotional blood, guts and gray matter, it's finally done and shoved into a box.  I'm not sure how long the box will stay on the shelf, but it will not be taken down by me in the near future. 

To end on a Happy Note, I am loving life right now.  Work is challenging (and hopefully with continue to challenge me in a good way) My marriage is blissful*, my mother is great, my in-laws are the sweetest most not-crazy in-laws I've ever heard of, and I am addicted to sudoku on my ipod touch. I'm running 3-4x a week thanks to a wonderful accountability partner at work, and I'm 4 weeks into my 44 week marathon training plan!  I may also have a problem with addiction to Hyperbole and a Half.

* I have to add that while I'm writing this (at 1 in the morning, whattheheckiswrongwithyou,youhavetogetupforworkat6:15!) my husband is snoring next to me, and my dog is on his back, spread eagle and snoring himself.  How can life get better than that?

I'd also like to add that there is a Facebook fan page up and running!  If you don't have me in your reader (so you know when I update) you can add the blog there, and see my updates!  You can also give me some warm fuzzy cookies by following my blog here!  I love to know who's reading (and being that I have over 600 hits a month, I know you are out there!)
Drop me a note when you join, so I can follow your blogs too, or at least say welcome!

I love you all.  I wish you all good luck on this month's try if you are trying, or that the Oregon Ducks can go to the National Championship if you aren't trying.  Either way, everyone wins.