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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A New Morning

Well, today was a follow up appt with Dr Awesome.  She and I chatted for a while about where we are at and she provided me some options.

1.  Surgery to repair the blocked tube
2.  Adding another medication to the mix (primarily femara.)
3.  IUI

So, I did find out that though the surgery option isn't my favorite choice, my deductible for this year is no doubt met, and could be mostly paid for.  I also have a generous person who is willing to help me financially to have the surgery.

This option is something I'm seriously considering.  It caught me by surprise that I was as emotional as I was in her office.  I have a wonderful support system, several of whom went through this very process, but I feel so alone.  I'm tired of this process, and I need something drastic to be done.

To keep my mind off this for now, I'm focusing on my running and making a plan for the marathon this year.  Hopefully I'll not be able to do it because of pregnancy, but for now, it's kept my mind off of this for the most part.

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  1. Enjoy the process of marathoning... I think it can be really purifying for your spirit. When I was running in Portland I always thought that it was much prettier during the fall/winter than if I just stayed inside and complained about the rain. Somehow the world seems more alive when you're just out there in it. Of course, there's always gyms too! :)