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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Has it really been a whole month??

Well, Julia's back after a much needed blog break.

Nothing much is new.  We are right in the middle of this month, expecting ovulation within the next day or so.

The wrench in the system is that this weekend we were down in Santa Barbara for a lovely wedding starring one of Jon's best friends from High School.  The wonderful thing about marriage is the ability to steal each others friends.  The bride was lovely, and I'm thrilled to call her a good friend.  I wish she was closer to us though!  The wedding was one of the most beautiful and fun ones I've ever been to.  The beautiful use of culture (as it was a Persian/Jewish/American wedding) made it a true celebration rather than a ceremony.  The love that these two had for each other, and the love all of us guest had for the couple was obvious. 

But, back to the point.  It will be an interesting story to tell in 9 months if this month pans out.  Both of us feel quite hopeful for this round, though that hope for me is tempered with reality as well.  The wedding really caused my desire to have children to go into overdrive.

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