Ethan's Age

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ode to my Husband

Last night, I dreamed that my husband was no longer alive.  What a horrible thought, truly heartbreaking. Thus, this post is an ode to him.

Jon and I met when I was his supervisor at a nationally known youth non-profit.  He would like you to think that he was the "assistant teen director" when in fact, he was "assistant TO the teen director."  (AKA, me.)

He and I started our relationship formally when he left that job, but we had been "accidentally showing up at the same eating establishments" for months beforehand.  In about 8 months time we were engaged, and a year and a half after meeting we were married.

He is the perfect person to be married to, and I'm not sure how I got so lucky.  He is kind, good, goofy and loving.  I know that I can tell him anything and he will not think less of me.  He will be the best dad that any child could have, and I am so thankful for him.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Good month

Hi kids!

Well, this month was planned very well, and the odds of conception are great due to the timing of things (before, during and after.)  Though I know not to get my hopes up too far, as I thought about how perfectly timed other months have been.  I think this cycle is the best chance we've had thus far.  I'm sitting firmly on DPO 4 (well, 3 until 30 minutes from now.)  I'm going to make a little game with myself that I can't test unless I do a day of Couch to 5K.  We'll see how long that lasts.

I think, however, that after this cycle, I might start advocating strongly towards the IUI route of things.  This is the 3rd month where I'm ovulating on both sides (hellllllllo mood swings and hot flashes due to the upped dose of Clomid and helllllllo cramping BIG TIME!)  so, if you figure the chances are around 25% each time, I'm getting pretty close to throwing in the towel of us trying on our own.  In the meantime, I lie here in bed next to two furnaces.  I'm married to one of them, and my dog is the other.  Not even the air conditioning can take the edge off of this heat wave.  Oy.  Suggestions?  Sleep with a cold pack?

In other news, both jobs fronts for myself and the boy are going well.   Things seem to always settle out in our favor, and if you believe in karma, what we put out in the world comes back to us.   More details about my end of that as news develops.  Though things might not work out the way they planned, they always work out.

Jesus, that sounds like a cheesy Hallmark Card.  Pardon me while I gag.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Has it really been a whole month??

Well, Julia's back after a much needed blog break.

Nothing much is new.  We are right in the middle of this month, expecting ovulation within the next day or so.

The wrench in the system is that this weekend we were down in Santa Barbara for a lovely wedding starring one of Jon's best friends from High School.  The wonderful thing about marriage is the ability to steal each others friends.  The bride was lovely, and I'm thrilled to call her a good friend.  I wish she was closer to us though!  The wedding was one of the most beautiful and fun ones I've ever been to.  The beautiful use of culture (as it was a Persian/Jewish/American wedding) made it a true celebration rather than a ceremony.  The love that these two had for each other, and the love all of us guest had for the couple was obvious. 

But, back to the point.  It will be an interesting story to tell in 9 months if this month pans out.  Both of us feel quite hopeful for this round, though that hope for me is tempered with reality as well.  The wedding really caused my desire to have children to go into overdrive.