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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Two? What do you mean two?

Well, as I've mentioned before in previous blog posts, the reason I've not been able to concieve in the past year and a half is that the tube on the side I ovulate from is blocked.  We've done our very best to try with medication (Clomid) over that time and nothing has worked.

Well, this month I bumped up our Clomid dose to 150mg.  This has been a riot, Alice, because I've gotten hot flashes like nobodies business.  (AND OMG CRAMPS a week ago!) I've been faithfully OPK-ing (which, yes, this is now a verb in my life.) and had an ultrasound today.  I got a OPK+ this morning, and it just so happened that it was the same day as my appt, hoooray!

I've been getting so much better about not getting my hopes up at these appts.  With so many appts ending in "well, maybe next cycle" (as we can't use "month, because each cycle is 2 months). 

My ultrasound revealed great news!

<------ This is a picture of not one, but 2 follicles with eggs in them ON THE CORRECT SIDE!!

This is the first month in a year and a half that I could actually get pregnant.  Don't tell my husband, but if I did, there is a good chance of twins too!

I called my husband all excited, and he was not as excited as I would have hoped.  I was looking for a "WOW, THAT'S AWESOME NEWS!" (Note, I've not mentioned the twins thing, because that freaks him out.  That will be our little secret, you, me and the entire series of tubes that is the internets.)

No IUI this month, by choice.  Just the idea that I do in fact have a chance now,

Hang in there motherhood, here I come!!!


  1. YES!!! My fingers are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo crossed for you!!! I cant wait to hear those two words:

    Im Pregnant!

    Im sending preggy vibes and prayers your way!

    No, get to baby dancing!

  2. Woooooot! Sending good baby-making vibes!

  3. @dawn- Thank you! I'm super excited!!
    @sistahraven- Thank you so much, I'm sure the universe could use some of those vibes!

  4. YAY!!!! Crossing fingers, toes, eyes, EVERYTHING for you!!! :D YOU ARE DUE FOR SOMETHING GREAT!

  5. good luck! isn't it wonderful when your body does what it needs to do? :)

  6. YAY To functioning female parts!!!!!!! I'm so glad to read your good news!

  7. @Jenn- Thank you, I can use all the happy thoughts in the universe I can get! Now comes the looooong 2ww!

    @Laura- It sure is! How encouraging!

    @Maureen- Thank you!!!