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Friday, July 23, 2010

Going Postal.

Well, not really.  But, sadly, my chance for this cycle came to an end.  I had a couple of faint positives, and word from the dr is that my Hcg was enough to know that it probably was fertilized, but didn't implant. 
I suppose that's a step in the right direction.

I will now take this opportunity to talk about my frustration with the medical profession as a whole.
*Disclaimer- I really like my current RE and her staff.  Dr and Nurse Awesome are fabulous. 

1.  I had a horrible OB/GYN over at Providence St. Vincent (same place that Dr Awesome is at though) who was completely not helpful and downplayed the idea that my irregular cycles WERE NOT NORMAL.

2.  Another OB/GYN (who's only redeeming quality was refering me to Dr Awesome and starting me on Clomid.)  Since then, she's been miscoding my visits, costing us thousands of dollars, and wants to see me monthly to renew my sleep medication though I've been taking it for years now.  I think the only reason is to charge us more.  Do Drs Have billable hours even if they are in a group?  She is coding our visits as infertility because that's the word I used when I had my first appt.  But really, the cause was irregular periods, not infertility.  She said that was the main reason I was there (infertility) thus I was being billed that way.  My husband makes a point that if I came in there because I was concerned about cancer, woudl I billed for treatment of cancer?  Sigh.

What a shit show.

What makes me so frustrated is that I can't seem to get what I need when I need it.  I really am a nice girl, until you try to screw with me.


  1. Mother Eff!!! But on the bright least your body is doin what it needs to do!

    And I hate idiot doctors!!

  2. I don't have tons of faith in the medical profession either. It's amazing to me that western medicine has so much disregard for eastern medicine that has thousands of years of rooted history. Thus why I can't go to the chiropractor with my insurance policy. When I have babies, I want them with a midwife at home that won't pump me full of drugs and tell me things are wrong that aren't wrong and sugar coat the real problems.

  3. Ugh, I am so sorry...I dealt with a crappy OB before I finally decided to change to an RE. He dx me with PCOS right away and am now on an injectables cycle...
    I am following your journey now...;)