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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Proper Update

Ah yes, the ambiguous update of earlier just doesn't quite cut it for me, the epic blogger.  So, here we go.

 I'm on cycle 7 of Clomid (though I've heard that the longer you are on it the less likely you will be able to sustain a pregnancy, due to thinning uterine lining.  Can anyone confirm or deny this?)  I've started to become accustomed to the hot flashes and mood swings that I now embrace with this medication.  I feel like I should be going through menopause.

I also know that I will never go on birth control again.  We will have our two kids, however long that takes, and then move on with life.  Birth control, in it's many forms, may have screwed up my ability to have children.  It was smart to take when I needed it, but that responsibility has taken it's toll.

I've started up again on a half dose of antidepressants.  I've felt a lot more even since restarting, and I think I'll remain on them for a while.  No harm, no foul.

Life is starting an up swing.  Jon just graduated Law School and was offered a position that he loves (he interned with them during this past year.)  This means that I can finally go back to school and start on my Masters Degree.  I will be starting my Masters of Psych degree as early as mid June.

This however is dependent on an interview that I have coming up tomorrow (a phone interview, not sure if there are more to come after that) for a director of a local camp for students with disabilities.  It has been my dream to run a camp since 2004, and it's a hard industry to get into.   I feel that I'm very qualified, and overall job dissatisfaction has led me to start looking again.  I'm going into my 3rd year of working my butt off at my current job, with no pay raise, and no actual recognition about how I am doing.  I have a degree and years of experience and deserve better, so off I go to look for that something.  In the meantime, I am working hard and still putting my all into my position.  I feel as though a transition is on it's way though.  However, worst case scenario?  I don't get this new job, and I get to start school part time.  Pretty awesome second place scenario!

Our Puppy Freuhauser is also calming down a bit.  With both of us humans on the same page, he has settled into a routine.  This gives us much less stress, and we enjoy having him around.  Currently he is sprawled across my legs in bed.  He's a 1000BTU furnace (or Fur-nace?) though, and soon he'll have to move.  Hot Flashes+puppy heat= Flushing Momma.

More and more of my friends are starting to expand their families.  Some are having the baby shower, some are just finding out they are expecting.  Some just had their first child, or are talking about how hard it is to conceive their second child.  I feel like a horrible friend for turning down baby shower invitations, but mentally... I just don't feel up to it. 

But, my time will come.  Truly, it will.  Dr Awesome is awesome, and if it can be done, I have faith she can make it happen. 

I am reading all of your blogs, and would love your recommendations as to other fun blogs to read.  Thank you for all your comments.  Comments= mental cupcakes.  (Mmmmm, cupcakes!)


  1. That is one cute dog!

    I'm not sure about the clomid lining issue... I got pregnant on my 6th month of clomid and no issues so far, but it's still very early (6w 5d).

    I think things are looking up for you :)

  2. Thanks Ginger! It's good to know about the Clomid too, I hope I'm not making it more difficult for my body to sustain a pregnancy! Congrats on yours!