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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yes... but do I take my socks off?

Today was my follow up US (Ultrasound).  (CD 15)

Which, let's be clear, is an internal ultrasound.  Every time I go in for one of these I ponder the fact that I haven't shaved my legs (I'm wearing jeans everyday, why would I?) and think about how it's weird to be undressed waist down, but wear socks.  So, IF-ers, what do you do?  Socks or no socks?

Anyway, this month I'm checking to see if I ovulate from the clear side, since one of my tubes is blocked.  If I don't, then we have a bigger problem which will lead to surgery.  If I do, the odds of TTC are much improved.  During my US, Dr. Awesome noted that the follicles on both sides were pretty uniform (but growing) and she couldn't tell which one will be my lead follicle.  I am returning on Friday to check on that. (Oh goody, another Internal Ultrasound!)

She said she wouldn't be surprised if I was close to an OPK positive on Friday, so there is a chance that if I am developing on the right side that I can schedule an IUI for this weekend or early next week.


  1. I take my socks off. I don't like being mostly naked, with socks.

    I'll be thinking, "RIGHT SIDE!" for you :)

  2. i usually take them off too :)

    when you're pregnant, it's the same story, but every month: i'm going to the doctor, i cannot wear a dress. he will measure my belly and listen to the heartbeat with this goo on my skin -- i cannot pull my dress over my head while he does this.

    i swear my doctor must thing i only own one pair of maternity pants... i seem to always wear the same pair when i go in!

  3. I leave my socks on! lol If this comment goes through, the problem is fixed! xoxo

  4. PS wanted to comment about the video you posted a while back which was ADORABLE! And, you're so going to love Aunt's (by marriage to my uncle)brother is Frank Collison who played Horace Bing in DQMW lol I died when I saw you pull out those DVDs!! xoxo

  5. Socks on. I don't care how dorky it looks.

  6. I kept my socks on. My feet get cold!