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Monday, May 24, 2010

Well, I'm still here.  I'm sitting at CD 14, with at least another 5 days until O-day (if it even is going to happen.) 

This Clomid cycle really threw me for an emotional loop.  I found that I was cycling from being ecstatic to down in the dumps.  I tried to do the best with it as I could.

My work has been stressful lately as well, and with several work conflicts in progress and my ever-present frustration with where I am at job-wise, I am treading water. 

I have officially gotten into Grad School, where I will be pursuing my Masters in Psychology degree.  The idea of being able to move forward in some sense is huge.  Jon has been so kind in humoring this need to have SOMETHING to hold on to, being that I'm unsure if having a family is in our future. 

However, if things go according to plan, this will be our first I.U.I. cycle.

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