Ethan's Age

Friday, May 28, 2010

I swear! I'll be a good mother!

Through my blogging community, I have many people who have high hopes to enter the world of motherhood.  They talk about all the fun trips they will take, the cute matching clothes their child will always be wearing... the perfectly balanced diet they will impose on their child. 

What do Jon and I talk about?

How can we embarrass our child? 

Yes, this might make us bad parents.  Well.  Not really.  I remember being little and my mother loved to embaress me.  She would threaten to sing in the store if I wasn't listening.  I don't really remember any instance that she actually did.  Shit.  That probably means it worked.  Well, until the day when I threatened to sing and the normally unflappable mother cringed.  (No, I'm not a bad singer, unless I'm trying to be.)

So, that brings us to present day.  Jon and I have talked about chaperoning their dances and field trips.  We'd dance, of course, at both events, breaking out the latest hit "The Macerena."  Which of course will be out of date by then, let's face it... it's out of date now.  Of course, we'd be singing in the car.  If it was up to me, the song would be "Ironic" by Alanis... or some sort of Coldplay song, which to me always should be sung with a british accent. 

So, of course, we will be great parents.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yes... but do I take my socks off?

Today was my follow up US (Ultrasound).  (CD 15)

Which, let's be clear, is an internal ultrasound.  Every time I go in for one of these I ponder the fact that I haven't shaved my legs (I'm wearing jeans everyday, why would I?) and think about how it's weird to be undressed waist down, but wear socks.  So, IF-ers, what do you do?  Socks or no socks?

Anyway, this month I'm checking to see if I ovulate from the clear side, since one of my tubes is blocked.  If I don't, then we have a bigger problem which will lead to surgery.  If I do, the odds of TTC are much improved.  During my US, Dr. Awesome noted that the follicles on both sides were pretty uniform (but growing) and she couldn't tell which one will be my lead follicle.  I am returning on Friday to check on that. (Oh goody, another Internal Ultrasound!)

She said she wouldn't be surprised if I was close to an OPK positive on Friday, so there is a chance that if I am developing on the right side that I can schedule an IUI for this weekend or early next week.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Well, I'm still here.  I'm sitting at CD 14, with at least another 5 days until O-day (if it even is going to happen.) 

This Clomid cycle really threw me for an emotional loop.  I found that I was cycling from being ecstatic to down in the dumps.  I tried to do the best with it as I could.

My work has been stressful lately as well, and with several work conflicts in progress and my ever-present frustration with where I am at job-wise, I am treading water. 

I have officially gotten into Grad School, where I will be pursuing my Masters in Psychology degree.  The idea of being able to move forward in some sense is huge.  Jon has been so kind in humoring this need to have SOMETHING to hold on to, being that I'm unsure if having a family is in our future. 

However, if things go according to plan, this will be our first I.U.I. cycle.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another month, another single line

Right on cue, this month draws to a close. Part of me is relieved. The idea of having emergency surgery for an ectopic pregnancy was certainly not appealing.

This month begins the real month of trying. We will be proceeding with an IUI, and I have ordered all 50 of my OPK's I'll need.

I've started to think about all the things I could be doing for myself health wise, and have been inspired to move forward with this idea. My goal? Lose 20 pounds by the end of summer. Since that's 3 months +, I think this is totally achievable. The Dear Husband has started working out twice a day to gear up for his police and FBI fitness exams, so the opportunity will be totally there. I will be joining him nightly, starting tomorrow. (We will also be playing Racquetball together on the weekends.)

I wish I had more amusing things to share with you, but alas, it's such pressure to keep up this blog if I have to make you laugh too!

HOWEVER! I'd like to announce that Kate H. won the contest by bringing the most people to my blog! A huge thank you to her!

I love you all!