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Thursday, April 15, 2010

So... Julia?

This week was a co-worker's baby shower. This was the girl who got pregnant right around the time that I got my first + pregnancy test. I told her all about it, as we had both been trying for a bit, and she got lucky! (Yes, I hate her a little bit. But, I love her too!)

So, here we are, we are sitting at the baby shower with a bunch of co-workers, and up pipes L. REALLY LOUDLY



I just looked at her. You would think that with all the times that this has happened, I'd have a good response for this question. But alas... I said something like "good, I guess?" and moved on... to which she let me know that she didn't mean to embarrass me.

Yes but.

So, let's recap. Unless a woman is pushing out a child in that very moment.. do not ask if they are pregnant, if they are trying to get pregnant, how's the sex, ANY OF IT.

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