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Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm Out There, And Loving Every Minute of It!

It's interesting to see the difference in one generation to another about blogging.

My mother, bless her soul, is still on dial up (26.6K) and doesn't really understand why I blog about things that are so personal. I tried to explain to her why it is so important, but I don't think she fully understood.

My reasons are as follows:

1. I think that blogging about infertility is crucial.
I know that I find comfort in hearing about other people, and not feeling so alone in my journey. By putting my blog out there, I am giving a nod to the people who continuously update and uplift me.

2. I learn about a lot of new medical treatments and medications.
Though I'd never take full medical advice from fellow bloggers (sorry, you aren't my doctors!) I've learned about new medications that I might be able to try, adverse affects to various medical procedures I've needed to try... and much more.

3. My own sense of well being.
My husband can often find me frustrating because I internalize my feelings until I fully understand them. By putting my thoughts here, I'm able to articulate how I feel.

So, my mother says I should be so "out there" in the internet world, but for my own sanity, and hopefully yours, I will continue to put my thoughts into the series of tubes that is the internet. I realize that whatever I put out here could be read by anyone. My hopes are that the people who need to read that they aren't alone can find me.

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  1. Sometimes I wonder what I would be like right now if I hadn't started blogging... would I be just this empty shell of a person? How would I ever have gotten the support I needed to come back from my infertility-depression. This community has literally changed my life! Thanks for being a part of making me feel not so alone :-)