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Friday, April 23, 2010

Holy Leaping Follicles Batman!

I can't overstate how marvelous it is to have a doctor that actually knows what she is talking about, and has a great bedside manner. Nurse Awesome was also in, and remembered me and asked appropriate questions (this seems like a given, but let me tell you... it's not.)

It's enormously awkward when one has an internal ultrasound, and I always worry about small talk. Do you talk? Do you let them do their business? Is their silence indicative of a discovery of a lab rat in my uterus? Are my feet up far enough in the stirrups? But, alas, discussion of my future weekend was the topic of the day, and we chatted wonderfully about how I work for a camp, and would be working at a recruitment fair this weekend. I tried to pretend that I wasn't really where I was, but with the cool cool breeze and the funny feelings going on, it was impossible to do.

Regardless, 'Dr Awesome' continues to be amazing. She showed me pictures of my ovaries and explained what the follicle size meant, and how it was right on track for a day 20 ovulation party! I'm now at 14mm, and ovulation is impending. The thought was that I might be able to get a HCG shot today, but since I still need a bit of cooking time, per-say.

So, the fun conversation then started after that. It went something like this:
Dr Awesome: "So, this is interesting." (This are 4 words that should NEVER come out of the mouth of a doctor while examining someone. Especially in... well, this way.)
Me: "uh, what is?" (*Thinking, HOLY CRAP, do I have a squirrel in my fallopian tubes? What is it? I can take it! Tell me!!*)
Dr Awesome: "Well, you have two mature follicles. This could mean that you might actually be able to fertilize twins. Do you have twins in your family?"
Me: "Uh... not sure?" (Secretly, I am STOKED. I'd LOVE to have twins. I'd have child birth once, get it over with, and be done with it. Jon, on the other hand, would freak out. I mean FREAK OUT.)
Dr Awesome: "Well, check into that. Your odds of having multiples are much higher when you take fertility medication. Are you going to be ok with that?"
Me: "absolutely."

So, IUI is still scheduled tentatively for middle of next week. I will be taking the day off to recover. Can any of my blog peeps (aka bleeps, as coined by kate over at Busted Plumbing) tell me about their IUI experiences?


  1. Yeah twin follies!!! I'm so excited for your IUI, sending you lots of baby dust!! Cmon twinsies!!

  2. That's awesome except the first picture seriously scares me!

  3. i haven't had an IUI but i did take clomid with follicle monitoring and then a hcg trigger shot to trigger the egg drop -- and yes, it's weird! i had three transvaginal ultrasounds, three days in a row (my dr wanted to give me the trigger shot it at the PERFECT time)and it worked!!! best of luck to you -- you certainly deserve it!