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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh the things you do, when you are TTC

I'e been amused lately by this blog: 999 Reasons to laugh at Infertility

I'm not sure where this blog has been for the past long months, but I'm often found reading this, and laughing, or crying, or crying from laughing. What an amazing concept, creative humor out of this crazy experience!

Today, I giggled, as I realized another reason to laugh. I found myself timing when I would pee, as I needed to wait until the afternoon to get an accurate OPK for the day... Waiting for 4 hours, making a purposeful remembrance of when I last went...

Oh, timing, you are a fickle thing sometimes... or all the time, now.

When to have sex, when to pee, when to test. I'm so hyperaware of my body, I am becoming somewhat of a hypochondriac. Am I cramping, is that cramping? No, maybe it's the food I ate... But, wait, isn't it that time?

It ends up being that I had some McDonalds for breakfast.

In other news, my doctor needs to go back to medical school. She told my husband today that I could be on Clomid indefinitely without any large side effects. There are large side effects, like uterine lining depletion, (omitting the possibility of ever sustaining a pregnancy) Uterine Cancer, and other pleasant side effects. See their website.
She also mentioned that the window for fertilizing an egg was 3-4 days past when your temp rises due to ovulation. An egg remains fertile for no more than 24 hours.

Sigh. I haven't decided if this is a deal breaker. I'm concerned that she is supposed to deal with fertility, and does not know these basics.

And in conclusion, Jon's second SA was much better. He was able to, errr, test at home this time which was easier. He still has low motility, (55%) but has high count. This, according to the Doctor (who, we have established, has questionable information recall) averages out a bit. She did, however, suggest the proper next step for us in the idea of IUI.

Sperm Washing is probably the best bet for us. I also am not going to take my Clomid dose on the cycle I don't ovulate anyway... Next cycle is ovulatory, by past experiences, and we are wondering if I will this cycle. I'm religiously OPK-ing and charting, so if I do, I'll know.


  1. Yes, timing becomes everything!

    Glad to hear the second SA was a better outlook. IUI might very well be the way to go!

  2. Okay, sad. I'm not expecting nor wanting to expect anything at all and I know your eggs only last a day. Hello high school health textbook! I would without question seek a second opinion!

  3. kate: For sure! I think that the IUI might be where we are headed if things don't occur in the next 2 months!

    Bethany: Right? I can't believe that person is supposed to be a specialist. I like her as a person, but am concerned with her lack of proper information.

  4. Laura- I will ask about that!

  5. Hi Julia, I'm new to your site, and I find it very beautiful, even though I know that the topic is a difficult one.

    I am very interested in this shot. I have never heard of this before. I had 2 eggs waiting to pop, and nothing happened. Well something happened, but we didn't get pregnant.

  6. Ummi,
    Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to add me to your blogroll if you'd like.

    I'm vary new to the shot idea as well. When I get more information I will make a blog post about it for sure!

  7. I've been reading that blog for a month, laughing my butt off too I might add, lol.

    I think it might be an idea to switch doctors. I had a doctor like that, and I was glad I switched. I switched again, because that doctor was still not up to my standards, and I am more than pleased.

    Glad the SA was better. If he's not on vitamins I would suggest that. Vitamin C, and zinc, are good for men's sperm production. It may help, it may not- it's worth a try. If he's already on it, well that is certainly good.

  8. @ Another Dreamer,
    I do too, it's just a couple of REALLY big things that she's messed up on fact wise. I'm going to see if I can see someone else... and since I'm moving, I can use that as an excuse.