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Sunday, November 29, 2009

And in other news...

More and more girls I'm friends with are starting to post about their 1st, or even 2nd children. It's hard to read about. I want to be happy for these people, most of them I'm convinced would be or are great parents.

Sadly, there is nothing new on my front. My latest post about how I feel is still how I feel. I'm wondering if this is the path I was meant to go on... not having a family of my own.

I'm starting to seriously look into adoption. There are some younger children (usually around 1 year-3 years old) that are foster children. I'm slowly warming Jon up to the idea, even though he was the one who mentioned adopting first.

I'm going to start talking to the DHS personnel and start to prep the idea of adopting through the foster care system to Jon.

We are finally moving, which means that we would have space for a little one. Really, right around now is when we were planning to have a newborn of our own... now that it's been 9 months of trying, I'm ready to think about other options.

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