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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oh my!

I've been a horrible updater. Please forgive me :)
I'm currently on day 2 of my Days 3-7 Clomid. This is the last round before they reassess where I'm at. They will then move to testing Jon, and higher levels of medication with the possibility of adding Metformin or another type of medication.

In theory, this month would be when I would ovulate from my unblocked ovary. (Assuming the other is blocked, which was a possibility brought to light by my HSG a few months ago.) I still have hopes for this round, and I pray this will be the last time I have to take this medication. Many report mood swing, which I've not really felt, other than a shorter fuse and lack of patience. I have, however, had weird hot flashes. I feel like I'm going through menopause.

It makes me nervous, as a couple of fellow bloggers have been forced to move to the IVF route. I pray I'm not going to have to worry about that level of things. It's still a possibility, and I'm trying not to get my hopes up.


  1. I hope this round works out for you, fingers crossed.

  2. Good luck this time around!

    I'm surprised that they didn't test your hubby first. It's so much less invasive and expensive.