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Saturday, October 3, 2009


I'm currently on my second cycle of 100mg Clomid. I started at 100mg. Last month, my temps followed a normal pattern, and went up round the estimated time of ovulation (or at least when I should have). I had a 39 day cycle.

I'm now on day 49 of this cycle, and AF still hasn't arrived. I'm not pregnant.

My questions are:

1. How do I know I'm actually ovulating? They did testing the first cycle, including ok levels and rising form the clomid as expected... but did I just not ovulate this month?
2. Should I ask about raising my dose? Would this do anything?
3. I now haven't a clue when to baby dance for next cycle, being that this month will be at least 10 days longer than last month...
4. What would YOU ask if you were me, when I go make an appt with my OB/GYN?

What do I do? I'm incredibly frustrated!


  1. Well, you can find out if you ovulated by having them do a progesterone draw. Anything over 5 indicates some form of ovulation. On medicated cycles they prefer 15 or above usually. This is normally done at 7 days past when you think you ovulated. Or some doctors do it at cycle day 21 just to see if ovulation has happened at all (this kinda plays on the hope that you did it around cycle day 14 though)

    I would say that if you did not ovulate then it would definitely be a good idea to see about having the dose raised, in my opinion. If it didn't work this time, it most likely won't next time.

    Baby dancing... when I was on Clomid, we just did it every other day to make sure we had all our bases covered. I mean, you can try OPKs, but I always just made sure there was sperm there all the time ;) That can get tiresome though, so every other day starting a few days after you finish the Clomid until Ov or until CD20 maybe? Whatever you feel comfortable with. There are lots of different approaches... we just made sure we didn't miss the window should I ovulate (didn't happen often anyway)

    I would ask about upping the dose, testing for ovulation with a progesterone draw, using something to bring on AF if you haven't ovulated this cycle.

    Good luck hun.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. We know that the first cycle worked, and the temperature shift showed it as well. The tests were good after that first time. So, there is the possibility that if I only ovulate from one side (because of the possibility that a tube is blocked) that last month I didn't ovulate. So, this month will be the key, maybe I will this month!

  3. you know, i'm not sure if it's a "sure thing" or not, but on my first month of clomid (which i'm just now finishing) my doc asked me if i wanted to take a hcg trigger shot to time the ovulation or if we wanted to "wait it out"... we went with the shot (about $100, insurance did not pay for any of it) and we had "timed intercourse" 32 hours after the shot (and then every day after that for three days). the shot was timed after checking the follicle on my ovary. unfortunately i had to have three ultrasounds, but my insurance is paying for it so it's not horribly expensive.