Ethan's Age

Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 34

Tomorrow is Day 34. Last cycle was 39 days.
I've tested, and tested. (3 times, shhh, don't tell.) Yet again, I've been pushing for some stock options on "peeonastickinc", as we could fund our future kid (or lack there of)'s college fund.

I don't feel super funky, but I've had a lot of cramping in the past week. Psychosomatic? Maybe, but that could be a sign of implantation.

If this cycle doesn't work, I have one more Clomid Cycle before moving to the next step.

And yet, there is that hope. Secretly, I oogle children's clothing, and try not to get caught staring at people's pregnant bodies. I want to be able to say that I'm pregnant, and I have a secret desire to be able to announce it at the Christmas Dinner this year (3 months in, if we hit it this time around.) Everyone and their mom is pregnant right now, including many friends who I just don't think should be, or want to be (this sounds SO much more judging than I mean it.)

In other news, I'm pursuing an interest of mine in Massage Therapy. I'm investigating various local colleges that can help me get a LMT License. Ironically, one of the colleges are actually right downstairs in my office building. How convenient would that be?


  1. Oh yea there is that massage school down there, what about acupuncture?? Just an idea.
    I love reading up on your blog, fingers crossed!

  2. You are totally not the only oogler, lol. I definitely oogle my fair share of kid clothes, and I also oogle children's books all the time... and their little toys... lol.

    Good luck, hope this cycle is the one.