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Thursday, August 20, 2009


I re-read my Clomid information post, and found this little gem:
8. What about multiple births as a result from Clomid? Clomid is a low-level fertility drug. The chances of a multiple birth (twins) increases 40 times while taking Clomid.

Jon is freaked out by the idea of having twins. I actually prefer it, as I could just do the whole child-birth thing once and be done with it. Also, I think that it would be easier with sharing the clothing resources, etc. Jon thinks it would be nuts. I understand where he is coming from, the whole "two babies = two times the amount of work", but still.

Who's with me? Am I crazy?


  1. I don't think you're crazy! I know its sooo hard and alot of work, but wow that would be so awesome! Instant whole family!

  2. You may want to be monitored if you do have PCOS as the chance of HIGHER order multiples is much, much higher for people on Clomid that have PCOS. There are tons of blogs out in the blogosphere of people getting quads on their first dose of Clomid with PCOS.

    Good luck as when you're trying anything sounds better than nothing, but as this would be so hard to go through, it might be worth having ultrasounds to monitor how many follicles you have before going down that journey!

  3. I would love to have Twins!! They actually run in my family big time. And my hubby's mother is praying for us to have twins because she is a twin. She wants it so bad for us. I worry a little bit about the whole being alone through the day and only having 2 hands for 2 crying babies. But my cousins and aunts have done it. And they made it look as easy as having one. They actually said when there older it was easier because they always had a playmate.

  4. With Clomid the risk is only 5-7%, the regular population has a 1-3% chance of twins.

    That being said, I got pregnant on Clomid last time (miscarried, but I had miscarried before) Anyway, I have PCOS and it was a singleton.

    I would love twins, as I told my husband. Yeah, it'd be more risky and more work... but I wouldn't have to worry about trying to become parents again for quite a few years, lol.

  5. I think I'll leave my first official comment to say... "Yep. Crazy." ;)

  6. natalie,
    Yes, but one birth experience! I already had a spinal tap go wrong, I don't want 2 epiderals!