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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Awkward Moment At Work

This morning I was at the copier and a girl, let's call her Laura, came up to me. Here's how the conversation went. (BTW, she's like 40 to 50 years old, as a reference.)

Laura: "So, are you the one who is going to a special doctor to try to get pregnant?"
Me: *pauses for what seems like quite a few seconds to just shake this 'why the hell is she asking me this, and why is it any of her business?'* "Uh, yeah... who told you that?"
Laura: "Oh, I dunno who told me, I just heard... So.. are you?"
Me: "Am I..."*pause* "What?"
Laura: *Matter of Factly* "Pregnant."
Me: I might be, I might not be... I don't know.
Laura: *Incredulously* "you don't KNOW?"
Me: "Of course I know. It's just something that I may or may not share with everyone." *Strong Inflection towards frustration at her nosiness.* "It's personal."
Laura: *Obviously offended and appalled that 'I' wouldn't tell her anything* "Well.... good luck with all those endeavours then."
Me: "Yeah, thanks."

See, it's one thing if she had read my blog, where I am very open about this whole thing, but she heard it from someone at work, I guarantee it. Gah, I'm so annoyed.


  1. Oh my gosh!!! WOW!! Why is it that women who work together suddenly think they have a right to know every personal detail about your life but yet freak out if you turn the tables on them? I'm sorry about that! Some women should have thier tongues ripped out!!!

  2. I'd also like to take this opportunity that when/if I get pregnant, I will literally bite anyone who tries to touch my belly.

  3. You won't let anyone touch your belly :o(

  4. Not cool....she was kind old. Maybe she was senile. hahahaha

  5. Bethany and christina, I will let friends touch my belly, but I want to be asked first.

  6. See, it's one thing if you are open about it and people approach you... and a whole other if you are not, and they approach you so crassly!

    Sorry you had to deal with that!

  7. See, and it's totally about the way I was approached! I had a hard time with the nosey nature of things. IN all fairness, though, this woman has been up in my biz since I started... and I'm a bit more annoyed with her than most people if they were to approach me.

  8. This is something which always irritated me: as soon as you are on the journey towards pregnancy, people suddenly think they have a right to your life, your body, your personal thoughts, all of it.

    Though, if someone reaches for your belly without prior permission, I recommend outright snarling at them. Works like a charm. ;) I'm only half-kidding, which is the sad thing.