Ethan's Age

Sunday, August 16, 2009

And Yet. There is Hope.

For the first time since being off birth control. I had a normal cycle. I ovulated, and I had a 38 day cycle.

I know that it's not a clear picture, but the cross hairs say when I ovulated, and it's right on track. 10 days after the end of Clomid. We missed our window by 2 days, but next time, we won't.

This gives me such hope, and peace that I can be a mother. It might take a couple of cycles, but, my body can do it.


  1. Ah, hope.

    Hope next cycle is the one.By the way,

  2. alrighty, easy enough to change!

  3. Oh, it didn't let me finish typing!

    You screen for commenting is a little messed up, it won't let me scroll down to enter the word verification word! I pushed the tab, but even then it's difficult... you may want to change the setting on that so it either pops out or so it doesn't ask for the word verification maybe...

  4. Congrats on a cross hair!!! Everytime Fert Friend gives me one it takes it away... Damn PCOS!! I'm so happy that you actually got the CH and now you'll be on your game next cycle. Good Luck chickie!!! Sending you tons of Baby Dust!!!