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Monday, August 24, 2009

Almost Done!

Tuesday marks the last day of Clomid for Round #2 (and hopefully, the last time!)

I'm curious that Clomid really hasn't affected me. Many people say that they experience rapid mood swings, etc... but so far, it's been great. if anything (Jon even says) I might be happier and more grounded than ever.

Up next? Well, a OPK wait. I've received the pack of 20 OPK's from online... these are MUCH cheaper, and many people seem to use them and see good results. Much nicer than having sticks around.

I've made a decision, at least for now, that until we are done having kids completely, I'm not taking birth control anymore. It really messed with my system, and it took nearly 8 months to fix it.


  1. Hehe, internet cheapies are awesome if you are using them.

    I only ever got awful Clomid headaches, and then when I managed to ovulate I would get CloMood weepies.

    Good luck :)

  2. You have got to be kidding! That conversation happened? No way! Talk about clueless!! I can think of a 100 ways that could have gone better. Wow.

  3. Haha, I was a bit confused as this m=comment got on another entry rather than my most recent one. Nevertheless, yes, this conversation REALLY happened. Wow right?

  4. I'm trying to figure out who that is....
    And I'm also trying to figure out how you get more comments then me! Grrr. LOL JK

  5. samantha,
    I also have a feed from Livejournal (where I keep my personal blog) so my friends from there are able to comment on these posts :)

  6. Samantha,
    it's no one you know. It's not a Site Staff, they are from "the other side of the hall."